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[Movie Review] Nacho Libre


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There are few movies that can entertain without having any semblance of a plot of story.

Anchorman is one such movie and Nacho Libre joins those ranks.

The "story" is non-sensical and should be given little consideration. Yes, there is a goal but it is so ludicrous that attention should not be paid to it at the expense of the visual gags that Black and his supporting cast are indulging themselves in :D

Black is at the top of his game here for comedy. His timing and the physicality of his portrayal of a luchadore are excellent. He reminded me a lot of Chris Farley, cept with a more refined performance, far less over-the-top theatrics.

The mexican actors and actresses who surround Black do an admirable job and he plays off them very well. The music is excellent and pacing very good, though it does drop off in the last third.

A definite must-see in my book :D

Nacho is a winner.

4/5 OSNN Stars.


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This is comes as a suprise to me, all the previews I have seen have made the movie out to be quite silly and flat out stupid looking. However I love pointless comdedy such as Anchorman as you mentioned, so perhaps I will take a peak at this one.

Thanks for the review.

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