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[Movie Review] Munich


Stranger Than Fiction
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Since I have nothing better to do than watch movies and play online... I will probably be doing lots of reviews until people get sick of me.

MUNICH. Directed by Steven Speilberg, Starring Eric (Hulk) Bana and Daniel (the new James Bond) Craig.

I liked the movie a lot. It shows a deplorable act of violence and the violence that followed it. The movie is balanced pretty fairly, the Israelis are clearly the "good guys" but the enemies aren't really that bad so to speak. They have families and friends just like everyone else. In fact one of the more interesting things the film shows is how the hit squad struggles with their mission to eliminate there targets. It shows them struggle with it morally and also struggle with the ways and means they use to try to complete the mission. The only real problem I had with it was the opening credits says "Based on Actual Events". Not based on a true story. This is hollywoods way of saying this kinda happened but we are going ot take some (or is it lots of?) creative license. Also towards the end there is a scene....

where Eric Bana's character reunites with his wife, they have sex and the love scene is intercut with scenes of the killings of the Olympic team and their captors. There is nothing more inappropriate in my eye's then seeing a guy thrust and then cutting away to a guy getting shot or blown up. Just my opinion but I'd call that some poor editing.

Other than that it was a real good movie and I recommend it.

3.5/5 OSNN Stars

I'm gonna try to review Syriana soon and probably Brokeback Moutain. Like I said at the top I watch lots of movies, if you have a request let me know!

Thanks for reading.

Son Goku

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Well, on the spoiler part, and without trying to give too much of a spoiler myself; it isn't entirely unheard of. What was depicted was someone going through what is variously refered to as post-traumatic disorder, or in older times was referred to as shell shock.

Flash backs, rather bad nightmares, sleep that is seriously disturbed, etc can also be signs of this. As can bouts of "re-living" the events of one's horror. I've seen times where some people here locally who were stationed in Vietnaum had relapses where they were standing in a corner and acting as if they were still in the war. It's not unheard of.

In one case I was in McDonalds getting some breakfast when this one person was standing in the corner and shouting at it, as if the corner was the enemy and trying to kill him or something. The person standing behind me in line perched his mouth up to my ear and said "I served in Vietnaum. But I was never that crazy."

In another situation (though I couldn't make out what the guy was saying, as it was a foreign language), someone at the bus stop was pacing up and down the sidewalk while weaving in and out of the road (and San Mateo has extremely heavy traffic), shouting something in a rather heated manner while gesturing, to invisable "people". I wasn't sure if to go to another stop, get the cops lest he get himself or someone else injured going out in traffic like this constantly, or what.

It can happen, and when put in some rather insane situations, many people have been known to lose it. Flashbacks and re-living the times of those bad memories can be part of that. The characters description was not far from that possibility.

I had seen this movie last week, though comming home wasn't much up to doing a review, though prior to going to the theater I thought I might. It definitely gives another side to this sort of thing then the more sanatized version one might get from the media; while also giving one a chance to delve in the psyche of those caught in the middle of this sort of thing... It's worth seeing, if for no other reason then to give one a moment's thought...


Stranger Than Fiction
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You make an excellent point and I admit I didn't think of it that way. However I still think it was kind of out of place. I think they did a better job of conveying the post-traumatic disorder by showing his other "quirks" like the closet and how he thought everyone was after him. Again just my opinion.

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