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[Movie Review] Miami Vice


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I couldn't wait to see this movie because Michael Mann is one of my favorites directors. It's even more impressive to me that he writes most of his stuff, too. Mann likes to repeat actors in his films -- he had Pacino in Heat and The Insider, and now Jaime Foxx has been in Ali, Collateral and Miami Vice. He's one of Robert DeNiro's favorite directors and he was Will Smith's personal choice for directing Ali, beating out Spike Lee who really wanted to do that film.

As for Miami Vice, it is a really cool film. I know that's a general statement, but it's true. It's arrogant, knows it's cool and proves it. Unlike Heat, there isn't much character development in this one, but that's alright because the focus is on the "wheelin' and dealin'" that is constantly going on. You don't even get a title or credits at the beginning, it just jumps right in and doesn't stop until the credits roll at the end.

Miami Vice's plot isn't a new idea, but it's executed creatively and entertainingly. The graphic violence is done well -- sometimes when you don't expect it and sometimes when you do, but not in the way you think it will happen. There's an excellent gunfight scene, but not quite Heat-caliber. There are also the really nice, fast cars and the really nice, fast boats -- they definitely contribute to the coolness and entertainment.

I had a lot of fun watching Miami Vice and would definitely recommend it. Anyone who is a Michael Mann fan should enjoy it.

4.5/5 OSNN Stars


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I'm going to see this tonight. I'll post my thoughts on it when I come back. I loved Collateral but I haven't seen any of his other movies.


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grandmaster you are lucky in a way, because you have an awesome movie watching experience in front of you... Heat is perhaps one of the best action/drama movies ever made.....

By the way one of his first movies was called "The Keep", some people deride it, but its one of my favorites.


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Don't forget Thief with James Caan or Daniel Day Lewis in Last of the Mohicans, a very visual director, one of my favorites


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Yes, Last of the Mohicans is necessary to mention. So is The Insider with Al Pacino and Russell Crowe. Just watch all of Mann's movies. :p


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I saw Vice last night finally...gorwing up watching the tv show i have been a big fan ever since. I truly enjoyed the move. I know many were dissapointed that it didnt have the flash and "Clean" look as the series did. but thats what I liked about it. it was more dark and grimey. a sort of remixed way Mann delivered it to the silver screen. I thought the acting was well done and kept my intrest throughout.

I guess if I were to give any poor remarks it would have to be that the "love story" was a bit too drawn out. maybe a bit more gun play would have rounded it out more. but all in all I Loved it.....plus it really needed the original score from Jan hammer it would have been icing on the cake. I want more...!!!

tdinc/OSNN rating 4/5 stars

on a side note this is what I mean


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Agreed one of my personal favorite action flicks. The cast is amazing and the fight sequences are very well done. The drama adds a nice touch and gives it that human feel.. overall excellent character and story development.


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You guys weren't lying. Just got done watching it. I'm a bit overwhelmed by it. One of the best movies I've ever seen.

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