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[Movie Review] Doom


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
OK - I appologise to anyone who reads this and expects full on review right now - but this movie is showing tomorrow night at my local flicks and... whilst I expect to hate the movie... in honour of OSNN I will go see and review tomorrow night, if no one else would like to post a review here first?

I just thought with all our stateside members it may be enough that I started the thread already - and that way I'll be able to hang out on forums tomorrow instead of going to the movies hehe :p


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
SPeedY_B said:
.... pretty crap :p
thanks for the review!

Seriously a review needs to say WHY you reach the conclusion and any redeeming points along the way - I do not doubt you are right and thanks for trying to save me from a crap movie - but the point is a review mebbe?


I may actually be insane.
Just saying that was the general gist I got from others people's posts. I still have every intention of going to see the film myself, regardless :)


Carbon based lifeform
Political User
Mfg You keep going to see movies like that and I'm going to have to reissue your man card!

Remember--explosions, some kind of chase scene, any kind of body count (including natural death) kinda masculine:laugh:


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
OK - I admit - I didn't go.....

but it did give me a chance to configure my ATI card with Ubuntu to give dual monitor support! And when the beer wears off, if i can remember how I did it, I'll post something on that instead, OK? Anyone that does go can post on here their review, because from what I have heard I do not think it is a movie I am going to see...


I may actually be insane.
Sazar said:
Well, watched it over the weekend and not much to say.

I loved the fact they were faithful to a lot of the items ie the scenery, the doors, the corridors and things like that. Lighting and effects were pretty nice and some of the touches such as having a Carmack character were awesome too.

That was about all the good news.

The story sucked, the acting sucked (cept for Reaper), the pacing and the character development sucked, the faithfulness to the game beyond the actual visuals sucked.

Even the gimmicky first person view sucked royally.

There is no wonder this movie bombed at the box office. Even fans of the franchise (even though I was personally disappointed with D3, I love the franchise and am a carmack fan) would have a hard time believing the crap that was going on.

2/5 OSNN stars. Avoid at all costs.


We Speak Geek
Went and saw it 2 hours ago. Loved it!
Typically male film - women stay away!
To hell with the storyline (get it, see what I did there?), it's just about shooting everything. Testosterone and adrenaline fuelled junk, with a hot chick. That's all I need to keep me entertained!

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