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12 Apr 2002
Last year, I had the privilege of watching the short movie that the feature is based on and it was very interesting to see indeed.

The movie, for the most part, is shown in almost a 3'rd person/news style display and this works brilliantly as it sets up a lot of the characters and the background for the characters and yet shows little to nothing about the aliens.

I was a little hazy initially about who the main protagonist and antagonists were and this, I realized, is why the movie was so refreshing when it opens, through the first half an hour or so. The sequences are all over the place as well, before the main events, during the main events, after the main events, and they are all jumbled up nicely so you never really get your bearings.

The cinematography is depressingly brilliant and once again, you see how a small movie is able to take the budget and make great things happen and make the action really pop rather than take it and waste it like in Indiana Jones and Transformers 2 and GI Joe.

A simple vision, excellent execution and we have some really eye-popping results and, it just works.

The story meanders a little but mainly it was my head trying to get wrapped around what I was seeing. The movie makes you think instead of just sitting there and getting it bludgeoned into your head. Cloverfield was similar, at least in the first half, in the way things were gradually unveiled.

There are undoubtedly some flaws in my book :)

For example, why does Christopher, after getting whacked in the face by Vickus, feel compelled to help? Why do the "Prawns" with their obviously superior firepower and technology not feel compelled to demand or take better conditions for themselves?

If there is a class structure, why, for 20 years, have we not seen it? Obviously Christopher is one of the smarter guys and knows how to use all the tech. Why not organize a resistance or do something useful and command the worker classes?

I do like the fact that a lot of things are left unsaid in the movie because it adds to the intrigue. The basic movie has all the elements, except for a traditional romance and the differences from the typical formulaic movie (for the most part) are precisely why I have enjoyed this movie so much :)

4/5 Stars. Definitely recommended. There is a lot of language and violence in this movie so you have been warned.


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6 Dec 2003
Just seen it today with my brother. I agree with your Review :) District 9 is such a refreshing Sci-fi movie that was needed. Like a breath of fresh air.

I truly enjoyed it. 4/5 star as well

I have a feeling a sequel to be fitting. back in 3 years? or is it too late as he has fully morphed?


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24 Aug 2009
I thoroughly enjoyed this movie as well. As has been noted, there are some minor flaws, but they didn't detract from the overall product for me.

I'd be very interested to see if they do choose to pursue a sequel... there's so much that can come from seeing the story continue. Or perhaps it's better to leave it as it is. I thought that the ending was quite beautiful and perhaps it's better that we assume (and lie in hope) that (highlight text for spoilers) Christopher came back for Wickus (and the other prawns, maybe?)

(How do you indicate spoilers with that button, btw?) :)


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24 Aug 2009
All of a sudden, there are quite a few movies that I want to see, this being one of them. We saw Inglorious Basterds the other night (highly recommended by me if you love Tarentino, which I do!) and hopefully will get to this movie this weekend. Thanks for the reviews!


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8 Aug 2002
Yea.... really wanna see District 9.... but i must say, hands down, my next theater visit..... The Final Destination. BIG fan of the series. RETARDED that they went back to the ORIGINAL title and added "The" in front of it....

Final Destination
Final Destination 2
Final Destination 3
The Final Destination

Guess the movie industry loves to screw up timelines.... since i know this isn't the only movie series to do this.

Not Bman

I have to agree with most of that review, except the parts stating issues with the film. I must just be easy to please because this film is perfect. I have a long list of all time favorite films, and this is for sure on the top 10 of all time. The cinematography is amazing, the acting is brilliant, at least from the lead. The CGI or whatever it's called is amazingly realistic in that type of cinematography. The score of the movie fits the environment perfectly. And how it basically was a news broadcast, and when it wasn't you couldn't even tell the difference, it worked well together. Now the only thing about the movie were the questions, why did the prawns not fight back more, and things like that, I think it was good that way, more things they could talk about and explain in a sequel if anything happens. And those types of questions were not important if you ask me.

5/5 Stars. Brilliant!

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