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[Movie Review] Clerks II


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I'll preface by saying I am a big Kevin Smith fan and love his movies and characters. There is a lot of humour and dark comedy/sexual gags and so on/so forth, but it is witty and doesn't bog the movie down and, typically, there is a story somewhere in there.

Clerks 2 follows that principle. We are re-introduced to some of the primary characters from the first movie and again, they find themselves in a situation, or many situations ;)

The visual sight gags are hilarious and show how up to speed Kevin Smith is with not only the online world but pop culture in general. Kudo's for that. Also, the repetition that some of the sexual humour gags (amongst other things) get really keeps tickling the funny bone.

Near the end of the movie there is one of the most creative uses of a donkey as a prop I have seen. I went with a buddy of mine and 2 girls and we just had to hold each other so our bellies wouldn't split from laughter.

Thoroughly entertaining. The 2 lovable losers are back and they ROCK. Plus Jay and Silent Bob provide great filler material.

Not for kids so don't even bother taking them in, some of the references and humour and visual gags may be quite offensive. Also, there is very liberal use of racist profanity so bear that in mind.

4/5 OSNN stars. Worth every penny and more :)

I'll post my Lady in the Water review tomorrow, too tired right now.


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Wicked, I've been waiting for a good comedy to come out for ages. This, and the new Will Ferrell movie will make me happy :)


I'm sorry Hal...
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Loved it. LOVED it

Its genuinely hysterical and moving in places as well. Well acted, well directed. its a hoot!


I'm sorry Hal...
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not out in UK until late august (premier is 18th - which i should be going, natch :)).

see it in the cinema with others, its worth the wait,


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I can't wait to see this - never really go to the movies anymore due to my busy schedule and lack of desire to spend money on anything besides saving for wedding/house - but this movie is a MUST :cool:


Beware the G-Man
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Would never see this movie,
even if you said you'd give me 10k i still wouldnt see it.
Thank Youuuuuu, and good night. :speechless:

I really enjoyed the first Clerks, thought it was a riot. Gotta check this one out. I have always enjoyed Smith's films, great fun. :D

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