[Movie Review] Chronicles of Narnia : Prince Caspian


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12 Apr 2002
I'll assume that everyone who responds has likely seen the first installment so you are forewarned about spoilers from that movie if you haven't.

It is well known that C.S. Lewis had strong Christian themes in his epic saga about Narnia. My first exposure to the books was in my pre-teen years at my friends place and his dad just happened to be a FEBA coordinator.

The first movie dealt with good and evil, with mistakes and the lessons learnt, with the inherent fears and doubts people have and of faith/belief and the possibility of a higher power. However, the religious undertones were relatively mild and did not bludgeon the viewer to death.

Prince Caspian is, however, a little different. The movie starts off with a little back-story and dives headfirst into the kings and queens of Narnia returning to their land, only to find that things have changed.

There is some behind the scenes politics at play and the lineage to the throne is in question. The main target, Prince Caspian.

However, unlike the first movie where the pacing is even and the script and acting fine throughout, this movie suffers from terrible pacing. The acting is stretched on many an occasion and sometimes it really is amateurish. The effects are well below the levels established in the first movie although some of the characters introduced are well done. We will see them again in the next installment.

The kids have grown up a little but unfortunately, only Edward has improved his acting range, Peter is woeful at times while the 2 girls are simply wasted. Caspian does the best job of the main actors while the primary protagonist.

Now, as a whole, given the brilliance of the books, I watched the movie and found it to be decent entertainment. Besides the pacing and the lack of acting chops, the movie was not bad for the most part. There were however much stronger Christian themes and I think this is the primary weakness. Whereas in the books, this was deal with tactfully and wasn't overbearing,

Personally, I would not have that much of a problem if not for the fact that unlike the first movie where everything flowed, the introduction and exploitation of the religious themes was forced and disjointed the movie. It was almost out of place on many occasions.

I presume this has to do with the assumption that the majority of movie-goers are retards and therefore, like in the 2'nd and 3'rd Matrix movies, we are repeatedly informed of the ONE every 10 seconds, just in case we had forgotten while biting into a delicious snack or a hearty beverage in the theater.

For crying out loud Hollywood, we aren't THAT stupid. Stop ruining decent movies with such trivial crap.


Anyways, 3.5/5 OSNN stars. Entertaining movie, put on your perhaps/maybe watch list but it's not something you should fight lines for.
Thanks for the info. That's unfortunate about it's negative aspects. Of course, I had enjoyed all the books and my wife and I will still watch it although we hardly ever go to the theater so it'll be a while.

I searched for but couldn't find a review by you of "The Golden Compass". Have you seen and/or reviewed it? I'm curious as to your thoughts on it especially in contrast to the reaction of the public to the Narnia movies.

I've only tried gently mentioning it to one relative of mine who is deeply religious, and their reaction confirmed what I had heard was the general reaction: that they were fine with just blindly damning the movie. That's embarassing.
I have not yet seen "The Golden Compass" :)

I will review it once I get around to it :)

And for Prince Caspian, I am a big fan of the series and the books were part of my upbringing but the first one was very good and let people enjoy. This one deviated more from the book and also had some other parts that made no sense. But, they did introduce the seeds for the next movie and I am going to be perfectly fine with the messiah-ish role Aslan occupies in that movie. I just didn't think it was time for him to be such in this one.

But, it is still watchable and I did take the time to go see it.

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