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[Movie Review] Bourne Supremacy


After seeing the trailer for <a href="http://www.thebournesupremacy.com/">Borne Supremacy</a>, I was actually looking forward to the movie; hoping that it would be as good as its predecessor Borne Identity. Well, after now watching it, I can tell you that it was actually a disappointment. Don’t get me wrong though, it wasn’t terrible, the movie had a decent plot. What turned me away from liking the movie was the way it was filmed.

The camera angles during fight scenes and car chases were really bad. It gave me a headache. So if you are planning to watch this movie and you are bringing someone that has motion sickness. I definitely do not recommend this movie.

I won’t try to add any spoilers to this entry, but basically the movie is about how Jason Borne gets framed for a few murders after he has been in hiding for over two years. Something happens that really pissed him off and therefore he goes and tries to get revenge for that act. The rest is up to you. If you would like to see what happens go watch it, if not then no big loss.

The movie as a whole was a little slow. There is one big chase scene which is pretty interesting; it’s just the camera angle that makes it bad. This also happens in a fight scene, you really don’t see the moves Borne uses to disarm a person or just hurt the person really bad!

I did however finally get to see the Halo 2 trailer at the theaters. Not that great, most of the shots have already been shown on other trailers you can get off the internet. I also decided to get my copy of Halo 2 preordered. Don’t want to miss out on it and have to wait a decade before I get my hands on a copy.

But back to the movie. It’s not really worth the money you would spend at a theater. I know that Borne Identity was good, but this one just does not match up. I would wait for it to come out on DVD or rental. But it’s really up to you. Let me know what you think of it after you watch it.


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I saw this tonight and I disagree with MC82... sorry! :D I think that "The Bourne Supremacy" set out what it intended to do, and did it well. There wasn't an abundance of "re-hashing" from the 1st film, so it will help to see "The Bourne Identity" again if you haven't in a while. I thought that the characters were pretty strong this time around, and the plot was good. As for the cinematography, it's directorial style... some people will like it and some won't. :)

I thought the movie did well in revealing Bourne's past without spoon-feeding it to the audience. You got it in bits and pieces just as he did, and for that reason I was satisfied. Additionally, it was a good call by the writer(s) to not bring another love interest into the story... it wouldn't have fit well with the pacing and would have probably been a bit unbelievable.

Certain sequences, especially the opening and closing, are much more dramatic than what I recall from the 1st film... that is probably the slowness that MC82 is referring to. I actually liked it because it set this installment apart, and I thought it helped develop the characters better.
Overall I thought it was a great film for it's kind. So many movies that fall in the same category fail with bad plotlines or dialogue. The Bourne movies are different.

4/5 OSNN Stars

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I saw it tonight, and thought it was decent enough. tbh though, I don't really spend time looking at camera angles and what not, so I can't really comment on this aspect one way or the other except to say I wasn't personally bothered :D


yah well the camera angle kinda bothered me, but it really got to this lady sitting next to me, she was like "i cant watch this, i think im going to throw up", lol. I just didnt like the fact that what he was doing wasnt to clear.

as for hte charachter, i agree it was a strong charachter and that i liked, its just the way it was shot that ruined it for me


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The camera angles during fight scenes and car chases were really bad. It gave me a headache.
i was going to say the exact same thing. i liked the movie but man id like to have words with the director for letting that slide.


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just watched the movie a little while ago..

overall my impressions were it was a good/taut thriller with a decent storyline... the main thing it had going for it was mild suspense and excellent pacing... the pacing is key to the whole movie and thankfully there aren't many lulls...

matt damon did a good job wrt what was asked of him... his portrayal of a man in turmoil while still appearing to be in control of the situation is brilliant... not oscar-worthy but certainly worthy of recognition..

frankly speaking the camera angles and the like were bothersome but I understood what the director was trying to do (get you into the scene)

however he coulda done it a little less than he did... it did get a little overwhelming at times... but it was enjoyable nonetheless.. :)

the movies have not followed ludlums books much @ all but there is a possibility of a 3rd installment (ludlum wrote 3 books) but the main villain will have to be someone new (carlos the jackal has been dealt with often enough) and his "assosciates" will have to be re-thought/re-created...

for sheer entertainment (and not being a total crappola like Troy was) I'll give it a 4/5

the 2nd best sequel this year after Shrek 2 IMO :cool:


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in my opinion spiderman 2 was a decent movie but it was no where near as good as the original and its storyline was full of holes that were never plugged...

bourne supremacy also had its weaknesses but it lived upto my heightened expectations stemming from Bourne Identity (had watched it twice in the nights leading upto Supremacy) and didn't have holes like "omg.. I lost my spidey powers... oh wait I have them back now"


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I just watched Bourne Identity on dvd, and I'm pretty much looking forward to its sequel...I hope the soundtrack is as good as the first!
Go read the book "The Bourne Identity" the film was the worst ever rip off of a book, I have never been so disappointed by an adaptation, the book was far better, if they had stuck to the books plot line then the film would have been incredible


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the books were based in the 1980's... naturally there would be a deviation to update the movie... I was more disappointed in the port of Supremacy than in Identity tbh but the movies by themselves (if you didn't read the books) are pretty good...

by themselves, even with the deviations from the books they work well...

LOTR was similar... they had to rework a lot of characters/events/happenings in order to accomodate hollywood and still @ the end of the day the trilogy worked well...

I dunno if there will be a third part but if it is its gonna have to make a SERIOUS deviation from the book for 2 reasons... :cool:
I think I will probably see this one the other way around and see the film, be impressed, read the book, be very impressed, but disappointed at the film, but still on the high of being impressed by the book :p
Saw it last night, I am horrified, are there no directors or producers in Hollywood who care more about the content and less about the box office.
The film has its moments but honestly, compared to the book its completely ****e, it cant even compare. I think its an insult to Robert Ludlum to call the film "The Bourne Supremacy" after his book which it has only the loosest ties to. A real shame.


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I can honestly say I was really dissapointed in this film. It was an ok movie, but it didn't even live up to the title! The "Bourne Supremacy" was depicted as Jason Bourne taking on the agency (CIA) that tried to kill him and had his wife killed. But that didn't even happen. The first movie was by far 1000X better. It made sense and followed the plot line. This movie didn't even come close. I give it 2 stars.
My issues with this film
Bourne Identity was about a man from an elite government hit squad, who had been tasked to bring out Carlos the Jackal and eliminate him, he was built up as a strong contender to the Jackal performing unbelievable hits and so on. He was found in the sea by a doctor who nursed him back to health then got him to Marseilles and from there he went to Switzerland and then Paris where most of the plot follows on, then he went to New York and the whole dropping down the stairwell was done in a building called Treadstone on 71st Street in New York when Carlos the Jackal came for Bourne.
The Bourne Supremacy is where Marie is kidnapped by the US State Department and taken to Hong Kong to force Bourne to work for them to hunt down an assassin who is impersonating Bourne and whose actions are being dictacted by someone who wants to severly destabilize the China, Hong Kong relationship.

So in the first one, Alexander Conklin doesnt get shot in Paris, and Marie is certainly about at the end of the Bourne Supremacy or else just about everyone involved from the State Department would have met with a bloody end.

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