[Movie Review] 28 Weeks Later


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25 Aug 2004
So I went and saw this movie Saturday night with a couple friends as a last minute idea. Luckily it was not terribly busy, I think there were 15 - 20 people at most. After watching previews for this movie on tv the last couple weeks I was already pessimistic about it (American version, more action, 28 weeks is not realistic to move back, etc) So keep that in mind, since I'm a bit biased.

The movie starts off really well, tranquil and then pure chaos and it gets your adrenaline pumping real quick. After the first 15 - 20 minutes it slows down a bunch and starts building a bit of back story between the first movie and this one. I wont give away any plot (not that its a big deal really) but I find the idea of an american lead occupation and clean up to be a bit unrealistic. Its not like the UK lost all their military in the first movie. Secondly I find it extremely hard to understand why they would start letting people back into the country after only 7 months or so with such a deadly threat possibly still around. I would imagine the island would be quarantined for years to ensure 100% safety. But I guess the movie needed that aspect to even exist right, unless it was 28 years later or something like that.

So the movie continues with a father and his two kids that had been out of the country with the first movie took place and them reuniting in a sort of safe zone protected by fences and water. And ironically the kids father is a survivor from the beginning of the movie but somehow is now a high level position in this safe zone. wtf?

As the story progresses anything that could go wrong, does. And it gets annoying, to the point where its pretty much ridiculous. I don't want to give away more than I already have, but there are more just a few occasions where such things would have never happened and its just down right unbelievable.

To stop sounding like a broken record I will just summarize my thoughts on the movie as a whole. Its got "zombies" and plenty of action and blood. Its got swearing and lots of dead people. So far sounds great right? Well besides the blatant unbelievable parts and major plot holes its a really entertaining movie to be honest. I was just expecting so much more. Somehow it manages to maintain the indie feel to throughout even with the much larger budget. There are some portions of the movie that I felt could have been much better edited, they felt almost to amature such as a dark subway scene later on in the movie. Still recommended to go see it though, its borderline theater worthy but if you got the time and money to spend then its probably worth it. If not, just wait for it come out on dvd.

3/5 OSNN Stars.


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3 Feb 2002
I went to see it last night. I really enjoyed it, and you are right...the beginning is pretty damn intense! It's quite difficult to shock me with anything...but there were a couple parts in the movie that were hard to watch. It's that good :p

I think there are a couple parts in the plot that are just really dumb...but ultimately I was highly entertained.

The soundtrack is awesome too and used very well.

3.5/5 OSNN Stars

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