Movie clip hogs cpu resourses

Discussion in 'Entertainment & Sports' started by Sux, Oct 14, 2002.

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    I got a clip from my last LAN,"The two towers ,behind the scenes"
    It has a media player icon and running it brings up media player with a message "format not supported" or something like that,so I tried open with Winamp3 then Quick time and none worked.
    Now when I try to open it at all nothing happens and the explorer.exe shows 100% cpu usage,240 of 516mb of ram and the computer works in slow motion till I reboot.
    Trying to uninstall it after a reboot brings up a message " cannot deleate being used by another user or program"this is without trying to run it at all.

    Any ideas of a fix? I would just as soon get ride of the file.
  2. Hipster Doofus

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    If you want to get rid of it try this>

    Deleting files - Access Denied Error

    Explorer.exe in XP has a bad habit of wanting to hang on to files, even when you have finished using them - therefore when you try to delete the file, XP will say "Access Denied".
    This error occurs more often when working with media files - mp3, avi, mpeg etc.
    Close all open applications.
    Open a command prompt and navigate to the directory with the offending files.
    Then open the Task Manager and click on the Processes tab. select "explorer.exe" under Image Name. Click "End Process".
    That will leave you with only the command prompt and the task manager running.
    Now at the Command Prompt, its time to delete the file(s). Using the DEL command. Example c:>\movies\DEL movie.avi
    Now the files are deleted, go to the task manager and click on the Applications tab. Click the "New Task" button. in the dialog, type explorer.exe and click OK.

    For folders the command is 'rd'.

    If you need some direction with the command prompt try this>

    Command Prompt-Delete Files & Folders.
    First open a comand prompt. Now open task manager/processes & end explorer.exe. Leave task manager open.

    1/ From the command prompt.
    2/ Looks like this.....C:\Documents and Settings\User Name>
    3/ Type cd C:\ (enter)..........Looks like this............C:\>
    4/Assuming the files are in program files
    Type cd Progra~1 (enter)...........Looks like this......C:\Progra~1>
    5/ Use the cd command on each folder till you get to the one
    containing the files for removal.
    6/ When you get to the offending files that needs deleting do this without the quotes>
    C:\Progra~1\Folder\ 'del bad.file' (enter) del = delete files
    With folders do this without quotes>
    C:\Progra~1 'rd folder name' (enter) rd = remove directory (folder)
    Once done restart explorer.exe in task manager/applications.
  3. bruce_ers00

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    Have you tried logging on as an administrator? Also, check your users list to verify there are no other users logged on a and possible using the file.
  4. Sux

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    not prompt savy

    Thanks for the comprehensive reply Hipster.
    The file is on F: drive and I am having trouble navigating to it from the C:> prompt.
    By using the dir command I can tell you that the exact path is.....
    F:\MOVIES\The Two Towers-Behind the Scenes.avi

    How do I delete this?
  5. jumpy

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    follow hipster's directions and then
    when at the c: prompt, without quotes and assuming you have nothing else that begins with "The Two" in the directory
    type "cd F:\MOVIES\"
    and then "del The Two*"

    that should work I think, I hope....