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Move e-mail from one computer to another possible?

Good and bad........

I finally convinced my parents to buy a new computer.

Both old and new computers are Dell with XP and SP2. They want to move all of their e-mails and addresses over to the new computer.

If that is possible will someone please explain how to me?
They should be able to right click one of the folders in the left navigation bar. Then select properties, and find the filepath to where the folder for their mail is. When they find out what the filepath is, they need to browse there and copy the folder to a disk. Then they can take that disk and import the files onto the new comp by directing Outlook's import wizard to the disk.

Or if you're going to network the two comps together, they could just launch the import wizard and direct the wizard to the files.


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All the e-mails are stored in database files on your computer, which makes them easily transferrable in case you were wondering why my esteemed fellow forumemers were talking about looking for x or y files.

Be aware that even after you have copied the files over its best to put them somewhere temporary, re-create the main mail account if you know the settings then put the old file back in the location of the new account.
Thanks for the help. I managed to get all the e-mail (they delete very little :crosseyed: ) and the address book moved to the new computer. I would hate to have to explain step by step how I did it though because I can't. I used a router and networked the two computers together then did a bunch of other stuff!


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you could also try this program, it will backup/save all IE/Outlook Express/ Data and also other files you want to save, then it's just a matter of restoring them on your now computer.

i use it all the time and it's never failed me once.

"Genie-Soft Outlook Express Backup V6.5"

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