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Im planning to buy a mice, im choosing between a 400 CPI (character per inch) mouse and a 520 DPI (dots per inch).

my question is which one is better, i hope you can enlighten me regarding the difference between DPI and CPI, thanks in advance,....


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LordOfLA said:
I dont think it is.

I cant see an LED being more accurate than an 832nm laser... :D

I think each of the mice are the same, they just have advantages over the other, and it comes out to opinion. Wireless or not. Thats all. One has a higer Dpi, where are the other picks up more movement with the laser. I personally like wireless, so I got a mx1000. It doesnt have the usual wireless delay, and it is very accurate. The other mouse is optical; on the other hand, it does use a more "primitive" lens, but has a much higher dpi. This puts it up with the mx1000. So really, it boils down to: wireless, not wireless.


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LordOfLA said:
I dont think it is.

I cant see an LED being more accurate than an 832nm laser... :D
Well, you really cant "see" the difference between the two anyways.

Prices are old and outdated. you can find the Razer for about 50 - 60 bucks. Also if you read the whole review they dont install any software from the companies. With the razer you have the ability to change your sensitivity on the fly, very usefull when in game or in general.

I dont know why people take this mouse thing so personally. I am not attacking you by saying mine is better. On paper the Diamondback is better. If you like it or not is your own opinion and using one for 10 minutes doesnt give you the right to say "I dont like it". Mice take a while to get used to.


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CPI is Charaters Per Inch. DPI is Dots Per Inch. I believe the CPI designation is a marketing "liberty" (maybe they meant something like counts per inch).

Optical Mice are normally rated in dots per inch. Which means it can resolve 400 (or 520) discrete steps per inch of movement. I keep my mouse set up so I get about 2 inches to sweep half screen to cut down on repetitive motion injuries to the wrist.

That means at 400 DPI I am able to resolve 4 x 400 = 1600 dots across the screen. That means you can move the mouse from pixel to pixel... This is pure bull**** the eye and hand steadiness will not resolve to anything near that level.

In short buy a mouse for features and lack of wrist strain. The precision is already 2-5 times what a human hand can resolve to.

Engineering said they could do it even though it was meaningless, market said they could trick suckers into buying over it, so management said go ahead. The story of customer relations.


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heh. zeke. nice to bring up the OSNN MX1000 club. nobody has really posted in there recently. either nobody else has really gotten one.... or they just didn't bother to. wish they would. think that's the longest thread i've ever started in OSNN/NTFS/Xp-Erience

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