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Mount remote CD-ROM


..of the vast oceans.
Is it possible to mount a CD-ROM drive on a remote machine so it would appear on the local machine as if it were a normal CD-ROM drive?

I want to be able to play Warcraft 3 on my tablet PC (my normal PC is broke :cry: ) but it doesn't have a CD-ROM (and I don't have a USB one). My old crappy laptop has a CD-ROM but won't play Warcraft 3! Warcraft 3 is installed on my tablet and sure I could get a no CD patch, but then I wouldn't be able to play on Battle.net.

They are both running WinXP.
Damn, I used to do that all the time and it doesn't work anymore. I just tried it across my network and it says the optical drives are not accessible. I can share all the HDs but no opticals. :(

I even shut down zonealarm and antivirus, and no go.

Last time it worked was last Fall with SP1. I was laid up in bed and watching DVD movies over wireless. Now it won't access the optical drive!

Another fine security/copy protection feature brought to you by RIAA/MPAA.


..of the vast oceans.
That does sounds a little like it might be a firewall issue, also what your talking about is slightly different from what I need.

I am absolutely fine sharing the CD-ROM on the crap lap-top, in-fact that's how I installed WC3 on the tablet PC. The difficulty comes in the fact that in order to play the game it needs to read the disk from what it thinks is a CD-ROM, I tried mapping a drive to the CD-ROM on the laptop but this is just considered a share and not a CD-ROM drive.

My current thoughts at the moment are trying to carry this out in two ways:

1. Find a patch that allows me to play on Battle.net without the CD in the drive (if they exist!)
2. Use daemon tools to rip an ISO, transfer it to my tablet, then mount it on the tablet PC so it appears as a CD-ROM drive

Looks like 2 is my best option but not the solution I initialy scoped for.

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