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Motorola V3m


OSNN One Post Wonder
ok 1st of all... I'm new here and i think this site is awesome..

but besides that....

I've read about how much the V3c and V3m are the same as in firmware, seems, and so on. I was wondering if I could flash on the .02 flash, get all the BT functions and mods, then flash to the .05 again. Do you think it would work?

BTW: Where can i get the .05 firmware?


Part of a System
All i know is that if you go to the .02 firmware on it your sd min function will be lost. And when you ask if you can go back to .05 firmware, can i ask where you have located one? Im sure if you take it to verizon they will think something is fishy. Prob this will work when .06 type of software comes out for the v3m.


OSNN One Post Wonder
yeah i know they'll think it's funny...
so you're saying it will work?
i know my verizon store has complete idiots(no offence) as their engineers.
i think i could just bring it there and they would do it if they had it, no questions asked. i just wish i could find the .05 firmware...


Verizon Hater
that seem edit should work, since there have been no edits to the previous firmware versions to take that option out. as for flashing to .02... I'd wait until there is a leaked version of the .05 firmware, just so you aren't completely screwed if CS knew what you did.


OSNN One Post Wonder
oh ok thanks...
how long do you think it will take till a .05 version is leaked?
the funny thing is that i dont even have the phone yet....
i'm just trying to find out info..
is there even a driver for the v3m yet?
if there is... where can i get it?
can u use a driver for the v3c?


Verizon Hater
I've heard of others getting the v3c drivers to work, which can be found in a thread at the top of the forum. as for when the .05 will be leaked... no clue, but it seems like it usually happens about a month after the initial release.

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