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Motherboard temp. question


Argentinean Dogo
Hi all.
I dont know much about temps, so here is my question:
I have an ASUS a8n-vm / AMD Athlon 3800+ / Nvidia GeForce 7600 gs / 1024 G Ram, i was playing (a heavy game) and PC Probe II alarm sounded telling me the motherboard temp got over 45°C.
Usually on idle it is around 41°C
(CPU temp is around 36°C)
So, what is the normal temperature range for this a8n-vm to work safely?
Is the threshold 45°C (default) in PC Probe II set ok?


Political User
Wow, thats really high for a motherboard temp. I'm not certain what a "normal" temp would be for your setup. With my system (in my sig) I have a ambient motherboard temp of 29 -32c. Whats your ambient room temp? if you room is really hot it will heat everything up. I would highly recommend you get some case fans for your system, and if you already have some, get some higher CFM ones.

American Zombie

Staff member
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Seems odd that the CPU temp would be OK but case temp high. Maybe where the MB sensor is located is blocked by an IDE or power cable. Could be the location of the sensor itself. Tell Probe to log your temps and see how high the CPU goes under load.


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Well, I am not 100% on this but I think in some cases the "motherboard" temp is actually the Northbridge temp. So that might be the case here, but at any rate what American Zombie said is a good idea. While you are at it you should also clean out the inside of your PC if you haven't recently. Clean up both the air flow by moving cables and ziptie them together and maybe get some aerodynamic IDE cables as well, if you haven't already. :) Also clean up any dirt and dust that may have accumulated on the fans and heatsinks, check your CPU, Northbridge fan, and maybe even your GPU if you are up to it.

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