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I am trying to build a new system and I have a syntax mothernoard(K7SV266AD)socket A. On the board are 2 jumpers, 1 for cmos, and the other says 100 or 133 whichever the cpu is. The cpu I have is a 1.8 AMD duron applebred. The computer works fine with the jumper in the 100 mhz but can't get the operating system loaded with jumper in the 133 mhz position. In the 133 mhz position it states processor speed at 1.79, but in the 100 mhz it states cpu speed at 1.35mhz. This is my first attempt to build a system and I don't quite understand this, is it supposed to be in the 100 mhz position or the other one. As I said it works perfectly in the 100mhz position and the operating system works fine. I just feel that I'm not getting the full 1.8 that I bought. any help in understanding this would be appreciated.

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If you mean an AMD Duron Applebred 1800MHz / 1.8GHz 266MHz then you would set it too 133.
It will be doubled so 133 X 2 = 266 but the actual FSB is 133.


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thats what I thought but it won't work that way here is the stats on the cpu:
AMD DURON-APPLEBRED-voltage 1.488-family-6 model-8 stepping 1-EXT family 7
EXT model 8-Revision BO-instructions MMX(+),3DNOW!(+),SSE
CACHE: L1-DATA=64,L1-CODE=64, LEVEL 2=64

Check if your motherboard sets the RAM speed based on the FSB.

Your RAM may not be fast enough. In this case you have to check the bios for a RAM clock speed multipler and set it correctly (probably reduce it).


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Yeah, basically what LeeJend said. Boot into bios with the 100 setting and set the ram speeds correctly and the shut down and switch it to 133 and boot.


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thanks guys, wouldn't still work, sent the board back and they said it was defective and sent me a new one. that problem was cured and I have a new one. I loaded xp on it and i get the blue screen once in a while especially when I shut it down for a while and its cold. sometimes it says page fault in non paged area. I also think the bios needs updating but I don.t know quite how. Can anyone tell me how to make a bootable disc and flash the bios. MOB is a syntax K7SV266AD, or have I bought a piece of crap.

First off, bios does not "need updating" unless you have a specific problem that is fixed by a specific update. Every time you flash a bios you are taking a risk that you will trash the MB.

"page fault in non paged area" means a program is writting to an area of memory it isn't supposed to. When the bsod comes up get the detailed information. It should say what program or device (it could be hardware related) is attempting to write where it isn't supposed to.

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