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Motherboard Monitor


Prodigal Son
I know MBM has been out for quite a while and I have used it for months. But, last night I was awakened by my computer beeping. MBM had detected that my CPU fan had stopped working and set off an alarm. Ended up the plug had somehow come loose. I had installed some rounded cables the other day and probably tugged on the fans power wire enough to pull it to where it was almost off.

Props to Motherboard Monitor. :)


Prodigal Son
No damage at all. :) Woke me up quick, saw what it was and I shut the machine down. Opened it up this morning and found the plug. All's good. :)

Yep, I shoulda added the link. Thanks Iceman.
Good deal, had you not had MBM installed or another monitoring program, you would have toasted your CPU.

Man that is a scary thought, no computer....................

/me shudders



have any of you guys experienced false alarms with MBM cause i have..... told me my CPU was at 70C and alarm went crazy scared the piss out of me. Any way it happened once again but i see now other prob... both time it occured when the cpu was at idle.....MBM is great though

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