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6 Jan 2004
just wondering has any body had problems with morpheus...last couple of days..haven't been getting any hits back from searches...I even just put xp nothing else no dice....are they starting to do a napster on us.


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14 Dec 2001
I've been using Morpheus lately and am having no problems with searches etc although the download speeds are a bit hit and miss these days but I guess that's down to a number of factors.

Keep plugging away. Audiogalaxy is very unreliable these days.:D


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6 Dec 2001
Morpheushas been fine to me, the reason that some people may be experiencing problems is due to morpheus has not updated the list of hardwired "supernodes" in awhile and a few of them have been shut down since they were running on company servers and such.

Just do a disconnect and reconnect a few times till you get results as each time you dico and reco you will usually get a different starting node..and as each node has it's own list of other nodes you'll be fine

you also might want to go to your registry, goto hkey_current_user/software/morpheus and make sure the limitbitrate dword is set to 0 and not 1

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