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Morpheous stands for...

Anyone dare try the new Morpheus out yesterday? Supposedly privacy enhancements and no spyware.

But I've heard a bit of muttering already about ads and adware. For example this review of it on CNET I was scrolling through.

Originally written by msanto
Installed something called Shopping Community without tell.
Official Site
lol ive noticed they've tried to make it look cool by giving a matrix style website (im not saying it doesnt look cool).. but whats the point in that? Dont they have their own ideas? :confused:

However, after your comment Chaos, i wont be getting Morpheus, i remember a time when Morpheus used to be cool, but its gone way down hill now imo

Alex :cool:


The One and Only
think the last time i acutally USED morpheous was back when it actually appeared to be a true P2P program. Latest one i tried is when it actually had to connect to multiple hosts to get anywhere.

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