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more problems with my x-fi


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You are not doing anything wrong, that is all digital supports unless you have a source that has discreet 5.1 or 7.1 you will only get 2 channel stereo. If you are trying to get 7.1 for gaming then you need to use the analog outputs on your sound card. Sorry man, I know that's not what you want to hear :(


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alright well how would i hook my x-fi up to this reciever to get 7.1?(in other words what adapters would i need?)any way is fine i just want 7.1.
Umm, I don't see a 7 channel input capability on that amplifier.

The only 7 channel connections I see on the back panel are:
-the speaker outputs
-pre-amplifier outputs (to feed 7 cahnnel into the xifi for recording)
-no 7 channel inputs

Everything else looks like it's just plain stereo.

Ok so how does it work then? Use the DVD 5.1 inputs?
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oh i just saw the 7.1 inputs. but ur right there is no 7.1. is therre no way to get 7.1 on this reciever, because it is advertised as 7.1. oh and how does the x-fi not have a discreet 7.1 output because it is a 7.1 sound card?


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The receiver has 7.1 outputs but does not have analog 7.1 inputs, it does have 5.1 input however. So you could hook up your X-Fi to via analog but it would only be 5.1

The X-Fi as Lord said has funky outputs, so you would need to do some research to do properly set it up improperly :p
Yeah they run like 4 signals out of a "special mini plug". You will need an adapter for that, but as I recall from looking stuff up for an earlier xifi post there may have been an adapter in the X-Fi kit.

Damn this memory drop out stuff is annoying. I think it involved a special panel that only comes with some models of x-fi??? Arghh old age!

I downloaded the manual again. You need the I/O console AND for 5.1 audio, available seperately, X-Fi to I/O console cable. Wonder if it comes with the I/O console?
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Ahah! MArketing 101, they lie, sorta.

It is a 7.1 RECEIVER, it is not a 7.1 amplifier. It only works as a 5.1 amplifier.

Sorry man, I feel for you. I've been ****ed over to the tune of about $600 over the last 3 months with misleading advertising.

On the bright side you probably don't need the I/O console for the X-Fi, just an adapter cable to split their mutli signal analog into the right configuration for the Panasonic.

These are the kinds of cables you will need to feed a 7.1 amplifier.


You can use the same for 5.1 audio. Some of the RCA plugs just won't have a hole.

Here are the X-FI jacks that need need some kind of splitter cable. The two above the digital connector:
-Line Out 3 jack Connect the following inputs on powered analog speakers or a home theater receiver to this jack:
On 5.1 systems: Front Center and Subwoofer
On 6.1 systems: Front Center, Subwoofer and Rear Center
On 7.1 systems: Front Center, Subwoofer and Side Left

-Line Out 2 jack Connect the following inputs on powered analog speakers or a home theater receiver to this jack:
On 4.1, 5.1 and 6.1 systems: Rear Left and Rear Right
On 7.1 systems: Rear Left, Rear Right and Side Right
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alright lee i think im onto something. thye creative x-fi and my reciever both have dobly dts-es. i looked it up and i found this.


specifically this part...which if i read correctly it means the creative x-fi encods 7.1 information in the digital and my reciver has a decoder. so if i am correct i can some how get 7.1 through one digital port.

DTS-ES - Contains extra information for a rear-center channel speaker (or two rear-center speakers playing in mono with 7.1 home theater systems) that can be utilized with the proper equipment. The codec can work in one of two ways, depending on how the sound was originally mastered and stored. Most commonly, DTS-ES works on a Matrix system, whereby processors that are compatible with the ES codec look for and recognize "flags" built into the audio coding and "un-fold" the rear-center sound from data that would otherwise be sent to rear surround speakers. This is notated as DTS-ES 5.1. Less frequently, DTS-ES data can be encoded with a Discrete 6th audio channel (the rear-center), meaning that the audio data for the 6th channel is stored separately from the other information, and is not embedded or matrixed among other channels. This is notated as DTS-ES 6.1, as the center rear is completely discrete from the other channels. ES capable processors can recognize the discrete 6th channel, and play it back if connected to the necessary speaker(s). In contrast, Dolby's competing EX codec, which also boasts a center rear channel, can only handle matrixed data and does not support a discrete 6th channel. DTS-ES is backward compatible with standard DTS setups, so non-ES equipment which does not recognize the flags or with ES enabled equipment that lack the extra speaker connections, sound plays back in 5.1 as if it were standard DTS.

can u verify this please lee and could you tell me what i need to o this if it is possible.


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Try a DVD. Or a multi channel recorded audio source. DTS NEO is usefull for stereo recorded music. I have my Yamaha CD player, Toshiba DVD player and my computer hooked up to my Harman Kardon reciever with fiber. E-bay has 30' Toslink cables for sale.

As soon as I get around to it I am going to try a Turtle Beach Catalina as it has optical in and out.

It is, but with higher signal loss and interferance.


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Ok for some explaining
Both devices can produce 5 6 or 7.1
for the receiver this done by decoding either the dolby digital or dts signal

The soundcard can also do this if it is fed a dts or dolby digital signal

Now if you are playing a game the soundcard is now making the multi chanel (5, 6, 0r 7.1) sounds from the signal encoded in the game, this is usually encoded in EAX which is a creative labs standard. This signal is different from dolby digital or dts so now the receiver if fed this signal would not know how to decode this signal so it reverts to two chanels.

Hope this helps.


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The X-Fi does not support real time digital encoding, so without a digital source (not games) you will not get surround sound via any digital connection (coaxial, fiber).

There are sound cards that do have real time digital encoding such as the HDA X Mystique which encodes your normal analog outputs into a single Dolby Digital bitstream via either coaxial or fiber. I have an extra one of these sound cards if you are interested btw.

I know that HDA (bluegear) is releasing two more sound cards that improve on this technology and one that encodes DTS in real time. Check out their site for more info.


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For true 7.1 Audio, you have to have a DTS-ES or Dolby ES source, only a few DVDs are mastered like this. To plex the output from PCM 2 source change the setting to Dolby Prologic and this will give you a 7.1 sound from a stereo source. You should have the option of using Dolby Prologic or even the Neo-6(7) option.


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thats bush i hate creative now. never buy them again. any one heere want a x-fi xtreme music mint condition?:)o9n a serious not does anyone know of a good 7.1 reciever with 7.1 imputs for less than $300?
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You will not find anything for under $300, the standard for anything right now is 5.1 unless your about to spend upward of $1000 for a multi-input receiver. The source is the component that will decide if you are 6.1 or 7.1, hence, you will need a DVD that is encoded in -ES.

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