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more mozilla help

I just started using mozilla I have a question for mozilla users
When using form manager ,how can I enter my phone nos.

and is there a spell check avalible?


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Open Mozilla... click *EDIT* then click *PREFERENCES* then in the left column of the window that opens up click the arrow next to *PRIVACY & SECURITY* to expand that item, then click *FORMS*. In the lower right hand side of the same window click *HELP* and read all about "FORMS" and the "FORMS MANAGER".

Happy reading. :)


Beware the G-Man
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Here's an FYI. If you do alot and I mean alot of downloads with Mozilla, you have a choice of the "DOWNLOAD MANAGER", a "PROGRESS DIALOGE BOX" poping up or nothing at all (Also if you choose the "PROGRESS DIALOGE BOX" there's a box you can tick or untick to keep the box open or not after the download is complete).

You should get into the habit of emptying the "DOWNLOAD MANAGER" box. Click *TOOLS* in the *COMPONENT BAR* at the top of the Browser, then click *DOWNLOAD MANAGER*. If you have a ton of Downloaded files listed Highlight a handful of them at a time if there is only a few then highlight all of them then click *REMOVE FROM LIST*.

The reason for this is that if you wind up with a gazillion files listed in the "DOWNLOAD MANAGER" it will bogg down your downloads. It can cause the *SAVE AS* window to leave remnants of the window to stay on the screen while the "PROGRESS DIALOGE BOX" comes poping up and the Progress window to almost hang after the download is complete. But it won't hang, it just takes forever to go away.

And what's worse is that you can't do anything else while the download is going on. You can't "PAGE BACK" or Scroll the page. I learned this the hard way.

Don't try to clear out the "DOWNLOAD MANAGER" all at once of you've got a ton (I mean A TON... hundreds of them) of downloads listed or you will lock up the "DOWNLOAD MANAGER" and the Browser. Most people don't even look at it if they don't use the "DOWNLOAD MANAGER" so it can pile up over time. And if they do, some don't think about how many are listed there. It may take a while but it can pile up if you don't clean it out periodically.

And yes, I've done a hell of alot of downloading. I use Mozilla 98% of the time.

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