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More mouse problems in Quake III Arena :/



I have a Microsoft Intellimouse Optical (the white one with the two silver buttons - one on each side of the mouse) and I get some problems with Quake III.

I use "All Seeing Eye" (I will refer to it as ASE from now on) to find game servers and then connect to the game from there. However, when I connect to a game using ASE, I sometimes find the 2 side buttons (which I have specifically mapped using the intellipoint software to F9 and F10) dont work as they're intended and therefore, I have big troubles trying to select the plasma gun and the shotgun (my main game is q3 capturestrike - so these guns are pretty important lol). If I load through Q3, the mouse buttons work fine... but the downside is - the Q3 game search section sucks goats, and sometimes a server can be there, but when I return later, or even refresh the list instantly afterwards the first refresh, a server coulda disappeared that was there before, or appeared that wasnt there before.

I tend to copy the IP from ASE and paste it into Q3 and connect that way - everything works fine. Does anyone have an idea as to why it keeps doing this though? I mean, it could work fine one minute when i connect thru ASE, but if i close Q3 and connect to another server also thru ASE, the buttons may/may not work... I never know til I get on the game.

Any ideas?

I use the USB plug on the mouse (smoother gameplay i find) and I'm currently running WinXP (although the same occurs on Win2K).

Rest of system is
p3 733mhz fcpga,
ibm mobo (intel 815 chipset)
sb 128 pci sound (the ac97 sound onboard sucked big time)
netgear fa311 NIC (Cable)
realtek rtl8139 NIC (LAN)
creative geforce 2mx 32mb agp
MS internet keyboard (on PS/2)


if u r in xp u have to get the crack to optimize mouse motions and responses fully in opengl, b/c microsoft is lame and disabled half of them to make directX look better


i have 2 questions then...

1. where do i get the patch from?

and 2. if the patch only applies for winXP, how come i get the problem in 2k aswell?

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