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monitor troubles!!!



This i wierd, it ust started happening like yesterday, but for some strange reason, at the bottom of my monitor, all i see is my screen shaking vigerously, it's about 4 inches long, if I turn off my monitor, and turn it back on, it's perfeclty normal, but it starts 'shaking' in like 2 minutes and keeps on going on and on...somone please please help me out!!!!


hardware monkey
try degaussing. it should be an option on your monitor's OSD.

otherwise... maybe it's dying..? :eek:

what kind of monitor is it?


yea, i tryed degous a couple of times

its an AOC monitor, not sure what model it is???
:(:(:(: don't want it to die!!


hardware monkey
look on the back. there should be a label with a model number.

what resolution and refresh rate are you running it at? have you tried others?


the model number is 7Elr

and ive tried all different refresh rates and resulutions and its still the same thing

maybe old driver or something :(:(:(


ive also notice that its more hotter than ussual, maybe its the really really hot weather in my computer room, it started when it started to get really hot


hardware monkey
certainly could be heat. try turning it off for a longer period of time... say, 10 minutes... and turn it on. if it takes longer for the shaking to start, then it was the monitor heating up... so it'd be heat-related.

you would solve that by attaching a fan on the top blowing up. :p
Yeah some faulty components may cause this heat related problem. As long they are fairly cool, everything is OK. When they heat up, things get shaky. :)
If it's heating up enough for the display to start going out of sync thats a bad sign. What usually goes is the high voltage transformer and replacing it is a littler more expensive than a new monitor.

The higher the refresh rate the hotter the transformer gets so stay at 60Hz. Also, take a fan and set it where it will blow cool air into the monitor case. Keep the fan away from the screen, the magnetic field will do nasty things to the picture tube. (Ok now for the people who ignored what I just said and tried it for laughs... Degauss the monitor a couple of times and if you are lucky the picture will go back to normal.)

If the monitor is several years old it probably has a lot of dust build up inside. You can carefully blow the dust out with compressed air or a shop vac set to reverse. Avoid opening the case unless you really know what you are doing.

How hot is the room getting? There are limits to the temp a computer and monitor can stand (TV's, stereo's etc also). If it's under 80 deg F you are ok. Above that make sure there is plenty of air circulaiton around the equipment. Computer desks and entertainment centers are especially bad for trapping heat.

Oh yeah, and start saving for a new monitor. This is a bad sign. The monitors I've had lasted maybe 2 weeks after funny stuff like this started happening.
Your monitors HT power supply is failing (all things being equal) or a severe electromagnetic instability is present (I doubt this as it would be present at all temperatures). Fixing this is usually simple for CRT monitors. Purchase a new one as repairing this area is not going to be cost effective. Even good CRT monitors usually only last for about four to five years with top of the range models going on for a further couple of years.

Whatever you do don’t try fiddling around inside the case as you could receive a substantial “shock” even many hours after the device has disconnected from the mains supply. These have been know to be fatal.

:eek: :) :)


Nissan Powered
you could just be getting bad power to the monitor I have a 21" Nokia monitor and it started doing that about a year ago then I read somewhere in this forum about bad power making monitors jitter like that so I recently moved to a new house and I no longer have that problem you could just try plugging it in, in another room and see if that changes anything or maybe take it over to a friends house and give it a go over there.

ohh and I live in the central valley and it gets to about 110 during the summer and yah no matter what you do everything is going to run hot I lost a 1700+ because it was running at 140 all summer. but on the plus size it gets below freezing here durning the winter and everything runs a cool 80 :)

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