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Monitor Spikes


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I think I posted this once before and thought it had been sorted, but I find that my monitor gives a click every so often and the picture jumps. I think it may be called spiking, but I'm not sure, is there any simple corrections I can carry out?
I still think it's "dirt" in the power lines. But I'm not 100% sure. A way to test would be to get a UPS and see if it improves. But that's not a cheap test. ;)


I had your problem regularly until I bought a Belkin surge protector.
What time of day does this usually occur?
That may tell you if it is surge related ?


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Sorry for not answering earlier. I had just posted my entry when the monitor blacked out. It seems there is no easy way to fix a broken monitor, so I had to wait until after the holidays before I could buy a new one. I decided to get a flat screen (not LCD) so I bought the Samsung SyncMaster 753dfx. It seems awful to throw away a monitor that might just need a simple repair, but I suppose that is what I will have to do.

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