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Monitor problem


Argentinean Dogo
When i launch some games (only a few) the monitor goes totally black (actually, goes off) and the butttons lights in front start to blink.
The game still runs, i can hear the sounds, etc.
Why does this happens?
Is my monitor too old?
Can i fix it?
btw, video card is a Gforce 7600
Thanks for your help


Political User
It could be that the game you are playing is set at a higher resolution than what your monitor supports.
As aprox says, this usually happens when your monitor gets a signal outside the range it can handle.

For example if I set my CRT to 1600x1200 ad 85hz it goes off since it supports only 72hz at that resolution.

Likewise if I set my LCD to anything over 60hz for 1600x1200 (its native resolution) It tells me it can't display the picture.

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