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Monitor flashes blank screen intermittently

Sgt. Rock

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Hopefully this is an easy one.
My Problem:every 10 to 15 minutes I get about a half to a full second blank screen flash. I've checked all cables and when this happens I don't hear the monitor switching off. I have an up-to-date nvidia driver for my graphics card and all my diagnostics and virus scans check out.
Could it be my graphics card dying? Hard drive? An undetectable virus? Much obliged for any help.:cry:


- geek -
I would say either your graphics card or monitor (I'm leaning toward monitor). If you have another system around best way to test would be move monitor and see if problem follows. :)
I'd say your screen is giving hints that it wants to die soon. Come join the "screens giving signs they want to fail at the most inopportune moment club" and we can be clubmates or something hehe as my 21" is giving uip the ghost slowly as well :(

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