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MOHAA Install Problem

I've just puchased MOHAA, the only problem is when I came to the
last part of install, where it asked to register the product, Im stuffed.
Unfortunately I was'nt connected to the internet at the time and the install crashed ! From then on I was unable to install without
getting this Modify, Repair, Uninstall screen.
I just cant seem to get past it, or get rid of it.
Can anyone help !!!!


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try just opening up your install program from your cd and reinstalling mohaa... and not registering it...

can register @ a later time if you choose to do so..

hopefully by reinstalling it you will not be prompted to repair et al like you are being asked to now...

alternatively... if this does not work... delete your EA games folder with mohaa and reinstall it completely from scratch...

see if this helps..
Thats the problem

Thats the problem, when I put disc in drive, that Modify, Repair, Uninstall screen appears, when I select the repair it sits there doing nothing for a few seconds then says process complete.

And I have also deleted the EA Games folder too !
1-fire up regedit
2- Local Machine-Software-EA games-Medal of honor allied assault
3-there is a folder named 1.1.12.XXX
4-rename it the last 3 digits XxX to 200.
reboot and then try Modify, Repair or Uninstall.
No Go

Still no go Octopus! Strangely I thought I deleted that registry folder in vain attempt to get MOHAA to install properly before.

Anything else to help please ?

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