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modifying an .exe file


Overclocked Like A Mother
High guys,

What proggy could I use to open and edit an .exe file? I am trying with reshack, but I still cannot get into some files.

Thanks in advance.



As you can read in Resource Hacker's help file under "known limitations" it can't open 16bit programs and can't open files compressed with an "exe-compressor".
There are ways to decompress such files. But you would have to find out which program has been used originally and find a suiting decompressor.


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
Not sure how aware you will be of this, but editting .exe files could easily be quite prone to breaking them - they are the machine code level and unless you are fluent at that level you should think twice about editting them. Of course there may be parts that are responsive to editting - like changing icons or filenames, where the .exe file is referencing a constant within the code. Even then there could be unforseen consequences, depending upon how the code has been written.

The best option is, prehaps, to start with source code. If the .exe you require is not open source then tis could mean writing your own program to do the same as the .exe does though.
there was a program i used... W32....something.
Its very in depth, so really if you dont know what you are doing you really should not touch .exe's
i will see if i can find the program


Overclocked Like A Mother
Thanks guys,

Since I don't know what machine language even is, I will be trying some other way to fix this program. I didn't know it was gonna be this hard.


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