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Modem SPEED!! Please HELP!!!


Must be dreaming...
I know this may have been asked tons of times, but I just want to know, what can I possibly do to speed up my modem and internet connection for downloading and gaming purposes without using any cash? Is this possible? Any suggestions, links, programs, hacks, tweaks, etc. are welcome!!!!!! :D


Must be dreaming...
Ahh cmon! I'm being serious here! :mad:
And don't take the easy way out by saying "Get Broadband!" because money don't come cheap these days! ;)


Cosmin is right. Surf at 2 or 3am and you'll be flying !

And by the way, I have got DiaL-UP ASWELL !


Must be dreaming...
ok then, if I weren't studying for my VCE, I would be on the net at 2-3am but since I am, I prefer not to, unless I want to fall asleep in class! :mad:

And since everyone's getting cable, can anyone spare approx. $1160 a year for cable for me? Thanks... :D
Since you are a student, find out through your Department of Education if any programs exist for students wishing to persue a higher education through broadband. You may be suprised at what kind of government programs exist these days. You may get a student discount rate!;)


Ok there are some tweaks you can do, kinda.

BUY a hardware modem, BIG help. 3com Courier.

Get a second line, and use it only for the net. If you cant do that make sure you dont have a lot of other stuff connectted to the line. SAT, Answering machine, all of these can really hurt your connection.

Get a good ISP, earthlink has really improved.

Go to www.optimizing.net. I have tried ALL of the tweaks on the net I think and I benchmarked them with NETMEDIC, and his are the best. Make sure you read his ANSWERS section.

Get NETMEDIC at vitalsigns, its free and ITS AWESOME..


hardware monkey
Originally posted by Ragnarok
[B... can anyone spare approx. $1160 a year for cable for me? Thanks... :D [/B]
:eek: sorry to hear! i pay less than 500. give it time and competition will move into your area and prices will collapse.


Must be dreaming...
Thanks for all the help everyone... if ya got anymore tips, then keep them coming~! :D

Oh and by the way taurus, I was exaggerating a bit, it cost around $720 here a year (without installation, that is). ;)
Just a thought here.... would it help if you install two or more dialup modems in your system? hmm... of course you'll need extra phone lines.... extra dialup accounts... which will then ends up to cost as much as cable modem .....


Must be dreaming...
Thanks for that mbunny :D
Actually I'm using Alphalink's $200 a year account now. Just wondering, is that Alphalink "Wireless" have similar speeds to cable?
You could always try NetSetter too (however you spell it) thats suposed to improve the connection rate by 200% or somethin.. loads stuff quicker etc. You could also use Download Accelerator for downloading your software and stuff since DAP is suposed to help the connection also. I had alot of trouble tryin to keep my connection high coz i had DINKY AOL..:p but those 2 programs NetSetter and Download Accelerator Plus helped me slightly. Hope this helps

Sincerly Alex

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