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Modem Problems!!!



This is what happens on a regular basis, maybe several times a week, and it has been happening since the last time that I instaleld Win Xp, which was about a couple of weeks back.

When I go to view a web page, sometimes the webpage cannot be found, so then when I press back, the last page returns, only cause its form the cache. The modem is still connected, and we have a single line, and you cant use the phone, but the modem has not made the disconnecting noise at all and the connected icon is still in the notification area, and I cant do any thing for which you need to connect to the internet. I cant download files, view web pages, chat with Instant Messanging, untill I disconnect manulally, which takes a while when this happens, and then re-connect.

Also, this might entirely be a different problem, but the downloading of files sometimes stops, even when using a download manager, the download stops earlier than it should, and then when I try to open the file, its an error, and if its zipped, then it says that if the file was downloaded form the net, then it is currupted so downlaod it agian. The file is also smaller than the actual download windows showed, like if it was supposed to be 12 MB, it may say that it is only 1 MB, and cause the problem. This has happened twice on this site, whilst downlaoding Nero Express, once after 30 minutes, the second time after 60 minutes, when it should take aboput 70 minutes to download. This has been happeing since ages, but only on small files, untill now. When I use a donwlaod manager then it shows the download as finished when this happens. This may happen once avery few downloads.

I emailed waddy on this thinking that it was a web site problem and he says that it must be a problem on my end, and that its not on their end, but dont know why it happens and if it happens to anyone esle.

Anyone know how I maybe able to fix these problems?
Are you on modem or dsl? XP does connect better and faster. Even if only a little. Maybe you will need to slow down the modem speed a little. I know that I have had to do that for others and their problems stopped. If on dialup what modem do you have?

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