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Modem playing up


Arte et Marte
Since putting modem from old machine into new build, when i dial up ISP the dialing gets to the end of its cycle but then stops - i then get the error message "no carrier signal". This shappens 75% of the time, have tried re installing modem/software & checking all connections but no joy.

I even thought I may have an IRQ conflict, so mounted modem in a different slot, but it stays the same. When i do a hyper terminal test, the modem again dials up, so I re installed ISP - but STILL the same.

Its not the phone line as I can put my daughters comp on the same connections and all is well. ISP say its the modem driver - but surely it woudnt work at all?

Ant help gratefully received

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
What type of modem is it? What operating system does your daughter have? See if the modem is listed in the microsoft compatability list.

I had an older modem that wouldn't even work with ME. :(


Arte et Marte
OOps, should have mentioned systems. We are both running XP and both have the same modem(Hayes internal accura V.92).

Ive even removed my Pinaccle card incase of conflict but alas. The modem worked fine on old comp - but just this last week seems to be getting worse - like i say most of the time it dials up but just doesnt advance to carrier wave.

What I have done is fit my works external US Robotics in the meanwhile, and this is working great (and quieter on dial up - and dare I say it a bit faster?) with no cutting out after dial up.

I am very tempted to throw the damn thing and replace with an external. My brother has recommended the "Diamond Supra Express 56E" - would you chaps out there go with the view external modem is preferable - and if so serial port is better than USB powered?


You should have gone for an external from the start =P

USB is better for XP for the fact that if u forget to turn on ur modem when you boot up, you don't have to go through an annoying process to get XP to recognise it.

Other than that, there is no difference.


Arte et Marte
Thanks for that, MBunny. I had also heard that if you used a "serial" modem, then unless it was switched on prior to booting up, the 'puter would not recognise it.

This US Robotics, however does not need to be switched on. You can have the 'puter booted up & running all day - soon as you switch on modem for first time and sign on to ISP, the wee beastie just fires up with no recognition problems whatsoever.

Maybee someone can enlighten us (brand new Abit mobo fitted - could it be the newer ones allow subsequent connection via serial port?).

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