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Modding a Geforce 4 Ti4600 Video Card?



I recently recieved a EVGA GeForce 4 Ti4600 video card and want to overclock it. The only problem is that i feel that the factory cooling system isn't really par.

How would i go about upgrading the cooling system on this card? Is it any different then just slapping on a faster fan?

Link to card:


I also have a nother question. I'm overclocking my AMD 2000+ to 1.73ghz, although i'm unsure if i should change the VCore voltage to the cpu because of the higher speed?


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I wish I could do things like that... instead I have to sit and salivate with my crummy little amd k6-2 450 mhz chip (losing clock cycles steadily, hence me saving for an upgrade)... well... hope you get the help you need to overclock all you need mate :)
You'd be GREATLY surprised at how efficient the cooler is on the geforce's..they have even patented that design. I'd tyr Oc'ing it before you decide you need more. in order for you to mod the board you would have to remove that cooler, then find a heatsink and such that will fit in the stock areas unless you feel confident about finding another way to seal it to the board

As for your vcore voltage..that depends...how are you overlocking your athlon...are you going to do the hands on approach and mod the chip to unlock the multiplier, or are you going to just bump up the FSB? Either way just make your changes and run the system..if you encounter instabilities gradually bump of the voltage to see if ti smooths them out.

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