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Mobility Radeon 9200 Drivers

What are the best / fastest drivers to use for this card? Im currently using ones from the HP website, but they are from June 2004. Is there a way to install the Catalyst 4.9 drivers onto a Mobility Radeon chip, so i can get that new Control Panel?
the only problem i have now is that it says i have a radeon mobility 9000 not 9200 - but i still get slightly better performance anyway. I cant see that new control panel though - does that come with the Omega drivers or do i have to download it seperately?
I think the Omegas come with the ATi Control Panel. I'm not too sure though. I usually take the second route and mod the ATi drivers, so I just install the ATi Control Panel separately.
champ2005 said:
so do you just mod the *.ini files to add your adapter, or is there another way to do it (using the normal ATi Catalysts)?
Yeah, download the driver installer and the ATi Control Panel as separate installation files from the ATi site.
Use MobileMod (third link in my post above) to automatically mod the driver (see the readme/instructions for more details) and install it first. Then just install the Control Panel - this doesn't need any kind of modifications to work with the Mobility cards.

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