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Missing Textures - Halo

I've just started a game of Halo, and I notice that a lot of textures are missing on brushes in the level. Does anyone know what might be causing this? I'm using the 45.23 detonators on a GF4 Ti 4200.


Look, don't worry, user. It's a beta, everyone I know has missing textures. Luckily it only seems to affect The Pillar of Autumn.


Handy you bum! Complaining about a beta....a beta you shouldnt even have at that!!! Bah. :)


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No we can't tell you where to get the beta.

Warez - is not allowed. This is not a forum on software piracy. This includes ‘keygens’ and 'cracks', how to obtain or install them.
That's taken from the Forum Guidelines, I suggest you read them:


And warez does include beta.

Oh and HandyBuddy, it's a beta, the game is not done yet, of course there is going to be missing textures ;P


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i hate posts like this. beta versions are internal builds that shouldnt see the light of day outside the company offices.

oh, and its also months old.


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OK... halo has gone gold... but the version in question was likely warez... we cannot offer technical advice on software that is not supported by the developers...

a beta is to be considered as received... ie if its is buggered... tough luck...

thanks for playing... this thread is now closed...


thread cleaned up a little...

general consensus is that we should let this thread stay open... therefore it is re-opening... please stick to forum guidelines lads...

and please post if you can offer technical support to handy... we already know he has a beta...

Grimman helped out plenty...the missing textures are only in the first level. I'm definitely preordering this from EB! If I could say anything about this game to anyone, GET IT. Single player improvements aren't anything compared to what the multiplayer will be like!


Sazar: You never actually did close the thread... ;)

HandyBuddy: Lowercase "g" please. ;>

And anyway, if people could just be arsed to play through the first level they'd notice it right away... the missing textures being only on level1 that is.

And as for the beta itself, while it doesn't really offer much in the frame-rate area, I'd definetely say it's worth a try. I have a GeForce3 myself, but at 640x480 with most of the stuff turned off (save for particles and such) it both looks good and performs acceptably. I'd guess the problem isn't JUST my hardware, but it's a considerable part. The beta is restricted to the first few levels (before Assault on the Control Room), and is NOT compatible with the XBOX-version's maps... you don't have to try, you can take my word for that. ;)

Being a die-hard Halo-fan (without an XBOX, hehe) I am SO gonna buy this. Pre-order if I can... and now... time to play some Halo. ;D

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