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missing program file "dotnetinstaller"???

i've never had the dotnet stuff installed on my comp.
i've never even started the 20mb dl and decided to stop it half way through

so why would my computer be trying to find "mscore.dll" which apparently is needed by the dotnet installer?

or is this just a bug with Norton Windoctor??? i've attached the error message from Windoctor so you can read up... and maybe help me...

i haven't noticed any detrimental effects to my system performance or anything like that so i'm not really concerned, just annoyed that Windoctor, nor I can solve the problem...


Error: "Missing File: C:/ProgramFiles/CommonFiles/InstallShield/Professional/Run
Time/0700/Intel32/DotNetInstaller.exe" cannot access a necessary file,"mscoree.dll."

After running a diagnostic scan using the WinDoctor utility from within Norton SystemWorks, the following message may appear:

Missing File: C:/ProgramFiles/CommonFiles/InstallShield/Professional/RunTime/0700/Intel32/DotNetInstaller.exe" cannot access a necessary file,"mscoree.dll."

This message can safely be ignored. InstallShield is not really trying to use the file DotNetInstaller.exe without .NET Framework being installed. The DotNetInstaller.exe file is merely cached in the engine location for future use.

InstallShield installs DotNetInstaller.exe as part of its engine files, which is a .NET application that is used when a setup is installing .NET assemblies. DotNetInstaller.exe will not work on systems that do not have the .NET Framework, but the file is cached with the InstallShield engine files just in case it is needed in the future when the .NET Framework is installed. WinDoctor recognizes DotNetInstaller.exe as a .NET application that depends on the .NET Framework and reports its findings. WinDoctor's findings are technically correct, but InstallShield always checks for the Framework before trying to use it.
http ://service1.symantec.com/SUPPORT/nsw.nsf/4aeb761fd6b411e785256aa300533025/2aa111f060a2c1e788256c7c006f68ad?OpenDocument

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