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Minneapolis Bridge Collapses Over Mississippi River


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This is sad and terrible, Has anyone heard from Grandmaster?


MINNEAPOLIS — The I-35W highway bridge over the Mississippi River in Minneapolis collapsed during evening rush hour Wednesday, sending many cars and motorists into the water.

Authorities tell Fox News that there are between 20- 30 people in the river while witnesses told the Minneapolis Star-Tribune that at least 20 cars may have been involved.

Tons of concrete have collapsed and survivors are being carried up the riverbank. Both the northbound and southbound lanes of 35W are lying in the Mississippi River, according to local CBS affiliate WCCO-com.

Pieces of bridge wreckage lay on the east bank of the river, while large portions of concrete roadway lay on the west bank. Rescuers are scrambling to help people caught on parts of the roadway in the river gorge, according to the Star-Tribune.com.


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MyFox Twin Cities FOX channel 9 Live Stream

It happened at the height of rush hour. It's an 8 lane bridge and they say that traffic was at a standstill when it happened. About 50 or so cars dropped with the bridge 50 or 60 feet. Daaaamn.

I think of the Cypress Freeway here in the bay Area (Oakland) from the 1989 Earthquake. This is bad. :(
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