Mike Rowe

Evil Marge said:
$1500??? :eek:
What a waste,imagine how many pc's I could build with that :p
You are really addicted to that aren't you? :p
i'm waiting till marge ask's how to squeeze another 3 fps out her 9800 xt so she can whoop more ass in HL2 :p
cruiser78 said:
People these days.... now the high bid is at $30,100. Stupid or what?
What. Probably fake, or some people just have too much money.
It can't be 30,000! Like SPeedY_B said, it probably fake...it better be fake!
For $100k, you could just get on Microsoft's shît list yourself and get your own legal documents. I would say that it's faker than Pamela Anderson's tits, but the current highest vote appears to be from someone with a positive rating. *shrug*
Obviously a complete moron, $100k could go to charity rather than feeding this little *******s ego.
I can assure you that this auction will not be paid for by the winning bidder, so don't go crazy.
Right. There is no way that anyone is going to pay that amount. I'm sure that a lot of bidders are inflating the bid so that he won't make money from it. It's almost worth it to risk a negative feedback.
Nah I just used an old account I don't use and bid $9,999,999, but yea I think it would be worth a neg, heh.
Is this guy getting out of hand or what?

Funny thing is that he probably thinks he's getting admiration for screwing Microsoft, which I think from most, he did.. for about a day, now he's just seen as lame by everyone. Ah well :p
The funny thing is this guy is exactly like a young Bill Gates, exploiting every oppertunity he got.
for 200 grand, someone could buy themself a newer trans-am, not make as many stupid modifications to it, make some better ones, and STILL have probably well over 100 grand left. i mean come on, why on earth would someone lower the BACK 2 inches, and the front 1.5 inches? the car's low enough already. imagine tryin to fix that thing. you'd need a big rock and a 2x4 to lift the side of the car up enough to get a floor jack under it. most definitely fake.

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