might have a monitor/ video problem o geez..

ok my problem is that sometimes the monitor like blurs on the left side of the monitor when i move my mouse. it happens like once a day and only lasts for like 5 seconds.... my refresh rate is about 60hz and im @ 1024 x 768 rez and i know it can support that. lol its a new KDS monitor...i have updated video drivers and everything...i don't know whats makin it do this


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I used to have this thing where my monitor would spaz out about 5 seconds before my cell phone would ring, that was really weird...

sorry, I have no insight into your blur issue. Does it make any different pitch noise or does the picture move, or just 'blur'?


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1) stop giving yourself a headache with 60 hz. If it's a newer monitor it should pull 72 or 75 at that res no prob

2) Is there any thing magnetic near the monitor?


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Sounds like an external interference source. Could be any of the following:

Lamps incandescent or especially flourescent (my nightmare).
Is that the side your PC tower sits on? Plastic side cover maybe?
WIFI equipment router/access point/antenna, etc
Stereo or stereo speakers
Wireless phone base station
Cell phone sitting on the desk next to the monitor.
Power cord running by going to another piece of equipment.

Unlikely it's the monitor or vid card. Localized bluring is just not a typical failure mechanism.

Look for an electrromagnetic interference source.

The old monitor may have been more resistant to interference.

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