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Hello. Does anyone know what I have to do to get the Microtek SlimScan C3 connected properly? I have the printer connected to the scanner and the scanner connected to the computer. The printer works just fine. I have downloaded the proper drivers for the scanner for XP, and everytime I try to install it, the scanner shows up in device manager, but doesn't have proper drivers installed for the Host/Scsi controller. When I try to update the driver, I get error code 39 that says that the driver is either corrupted or missing. Anyone have any ideas?
hmm. i have the same scanner but havent yet hooked it up after upgradig to XP. Did you upgrade or install new? Fresh installs of XP oover old OS's can be cure-alls. However, i wasnt even gonna hook up mine until I get my scsi to USB converter. I have a hard time with scsi but USB and XP seem to work very nicely together..
I'm trying to install it on a fresh install of XP professional.
Is that a 25pin male to usb converter? and if so, where did you get it at? That could come in very handy.
it is a 25 pin male/female to USB converter. Made my Xircom. I got it off of ebay (brand new) for $20. Saved prob $50.
Have you tried using that converter with XP yet? If so, were they any conflicts getting it to work? I think that just might be my answer.
i should be receiving it tomorrow or saturday and I will reply and let you know. i am thinking it will. XP seems to have MANY updated drivers already and anything i've had to install w/ USB has loaded with much ease. My printer, my game controller, my cell phone which holds MP3's through a USB. I didnt have to use any of my CDs with drivers
ok.. got the converter. XP kept recognizing the converter as a High Storage Device and wouldnt install correctly. So, i have to figure something else out when using that converter. Doesnt seem like Xircom has an XP driver for it So, I just hooked the Slimscan up the normal way with the 25 pin cable and XP recognized it right away and installed the correct drivers from its own database. Seems to work just great the way it is. ALTHOUGh, my bootup freezes for a quick sec until the pc recognizes the scanner.

Did you find the answer to your problem? I have the same problem.

ehm... this thread is almost 4 years old. o_0
The scsi to parallel port adapter software you need to make this work comes with the scanner. I do not believe it is available for download because it is copyrighted by Adatec (i.e. not free). I never found anything on the web that would work. I always had to go back to the original software which was not very XP friendly. Then after I got the scsi adapter software working install the Windows update version of the Scanner tool. I finally got tired of the hassles and picked up a 4 in 1 printer/scanner/fax/card reader for $80 last year.

Have you lost your install CD?

Unfortunatley I gave away the printer and install CD a while back or I would liberate a copy for you.
I have the scanner and have it installed on windows xp with out any problems my problem is that it is suppose to activate the software when you push the button on the scanner ( according to the box) and this does nothing I have looked everywhere for the software and it did not have a cd in the box. and to get anykind of support I have to pay 30 bucks. any suggestions

I just inherited a SlimScan C3 but minus the USB cable. I am not real familar with all the end types on cables. Could someone tell me what type end connection is going into the scanner? Thank you.
I own a Microtek SlimScan C3, and haven't used it in a while. I was about to give it away who still has a PC with a parallel port and I noticed that I don't have the power adapter. Can anyone tell me what the voltage of the power adapter was, please.

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