microsoft works out of memory, solution?

Perris Calderon

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My office is using the microsoft works spreadsheet, (excell substitute I guess)

when we go to print a report we're out of memory, nothing is running that uses too much memory, I even turned off anti virus and went to 16 bit color to get the job printed, no good, any solutions?
microsoft has this as a known issue and says it's the printer driver, I am looking for a driver later then the one installed and can't find one so I am hoping there's another solution


I see installing printer as the default should do the trick, I'll try that when I get back to the office
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bush dogg

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Take a look at the advanced tab under printer properties and see how it’s set for spooling the print page/pages. The last time I had that come up on a system I changed the way documents are spooled and printed , that must have been over a year ago and as far as I know it still works for the person haven’t heard any different.

Right click the printer select properties then advanced tab “if it’s there” look for a section about print spooling, some printers list something like
“Spool print documents so program finishes faster, start printing after last page is spooled, start printing immediately, print directly to the printer”

If you make any changes click “apply” then OK.

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