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Microsoft Word 2003 Crashing non-stop


Somewhat eXPerienced
Hey guys,

I'm having this really horrible problem with my work computer. For some reason whenever I go to type in this one document, the program locks up, I am completely unable to work with it. It keeps my CPU Usage at 100% and the program just hangs. Sometimes event log tells me about an application hang for winword, sometimes not...

What could possibly be causing this? This computer is a 2.0GHz Celeron with 378mb Ram, and nothing else locks up. I still haven't tried any other documents, but this never crashed before... I've uninstalled and reinstalled the program numerous times, and it is still crashing...

What would cause this? Is there anything I should look for in the document?



The Analog Kid
1) Where did you find the elusive 378mb ram stick?

2) The simple solution is to ditch that document if that's the only one crashing

3) I'd look for some messed up hidden formatting.


Somewhat eXPerienced
1) Whoops, typed the wrong numbers, I have 384mb memory.

3) No strange formatting code. I can upload the document for you, It's pretty much just a template on our Weekly status reports here for work... and it crashes at different times inside the document.

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