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Microsoft Winter Fun Pack 2003



Microsoft has released some x-mas candy...

Windows Media Player 9 Series Fun Pack:

Dress up your Player for the holidays, organize your holiday music, or reorganize your whole music library. The Windows Media Player 9 Series Winter Fun Pack includes skins, auto playlists, a visualization, and a tool to export details about your whole catalog to put you and your computer into the holiday spirit.

Windows Movie Maker 2 Fun Pack:

Make holiday home movies like a pro with this creative collection of winter sound effects, holiday music, and seasonal video titles and animations, made exclusively for Windows Movie Maker 2. You can start simply by creating a digital video greeting card with a holiday message for family and friends, then enhance it with these special features we've designed especially for holiday giving.

Digital Photography Fun Pack:

The holidays are a great time to share photos with friends and family. These downloads let you display your photos on your PC in two fun ways, or create cards with holiday-themed templates.


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