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Microsoft Windows XP Security Patches


--== babyface ==--
Hi guys ..

I have just recently installed a Windows XP into my machine and updated it with SP1a. However I did not choose the other updates as I remember reading elsewhere that some of it has certain problems and causes unknown or side effects such as slowing down the machine.

The reason is I did the installation before this one, and updated all the patches and I did find the PC to be rather "slow" and "jerking" while taking a long time to respond on some occassions. Worst yet .. it hanged just now .. when no programs was installed other than Office XP. :huh:

So any advise on which is the best to install please? : )
After applying SP1a you installed the patches from windows update including patch 811493?

If so remove 811493 from Add/Remove programs and the system should be OK.


Files replaced:

Date Time Version Size Path and File name
12-Dec-2002 18:16 4.0.1381.7203 957,504 %Windir%\System32\Ntkrnlmp.exe
12-Dec-2002 18:16 4.0.1381.7203 937,280 %Windir%\System32\Ntoskrnl.exe

Its a local security issue so dont worry to much about not having it patched! You would need the ability to log on locally in order to exploit this issue.


--== babyface ==--
Thanks Enyo .. what about the other "recommended" updates? Do you think they are worth installing or should I just ignore them? Most of 'em has nothing to do with me or the system that I am using .. :D
Just ignore them i do :D Unless they are for something you use, a error you have or of a important nature forget them they will be covered in the next service pack that has been quality assured.
Nothing major has come to my attention, i would think the guys on neowin.net will know all about it however, most of them afterall are running it already! ;)


XP-erience Oldie
I'm sure that they have some kind of end of user agreement, like with 95, they no longer make updates for it, I think 98 may have run out or is going to very shortly and NT was meant to or something? when will xp run out?


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