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Microsoft Virtual Machine not available for download? wtf?



I did a format yesterday and quickly noticed something was missing. I ran windos update and installed all the security updates and whatnot, but ms VM didnt show up like it used to in reccomended updates... so ok, i went to dslreports.com and tried to do a speed test on my connection, it popped up the box to download ms vm, clicked ok, and it took me to a microsoft website that said VM isnt available for download anymore, use Windows Update to see if a version is available for your OS. So i ran windows update again, and still no VM!!! I formatted like ive doen hundreds of times before and installed XP Pro again... im really confused about this... does anyone know where i can download vm? why would microsoft take it down???

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Thats when I installed it from WindowsUpdate, have they really removed it?

If so, did anyone download it from the corporate site ?
If so, I would, really appreciate a copy - so I can upload it...


Thanks. I don't like Sun Java. Sometimes it loads to slow and other times some websites, with java, won't even load.

[EDITED] I saw some other threads about the Java issue. Is there a way that this link could be added to the front page so everyone can see it? Just don't want to keep reporting the link over and over and over again. lol


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I would point out that Sun (the creators of Java) is the only one that has the REAL java package and loads up java applets/frames the right way, JVM is just a substitute. The first thing I did installing XP was NOT to download JVM but rather the Sun-package (because of programming and all the problems of java not showing right on different pages ++). Glad to see that MS has removed their buggy piece of s.... :p


Actually, Java does not pull up all java applet. At least for me it didn't. Also I noticed Sun is slower than MS.

When I see a link for the exact download, needed, for SunJava; I'll gladly download it and try it. I'm not fond of having to hunt down the "home user" version.


You can download VM from Kazaa.

I've formatted my hard drive and wanted to kill myself when I figured that there's no way to download Virtual Machine, unless you download that stupid (!) 11MB Jave application from "Sun".

But that application, excuse my language, sucks!

It slows down the showing of the web page, and why do I need that stupid systray icon, every time I use Java, anyway???

So, the only place I found the actual Microsoft Virtual Machine is in Kazaa, and it's version 5.00.3805.

I hope it's the latest version.
Does Anyone know?


Re: You can download VM from Kazaa.

Originally posted by Gal
But that application, excuse my language, sucks!
Funny, I think the same thing about the MS virtual machine. It's abilities are limited (The MS VM is about Java 1.1.8 level, Suns Java 1.4 language is a world apart) , and it's full of security holes.

It slows down the showing of the web page, and why do I need that stupid systray icon, every time I use Java, anyway???
Yes, I get the same stalling, but it's quite tollerable. Since I use tabbed browsing though, its barely an isssue anyway, as I've always got something to read.

Go to your control panel, open the Sun JRE control panel application, set it to hide the console.

For your information, the console is very useful for finding out why an applet failed to instalise, or it's status. A lot of the time (although 'a lot' in my case is rare - I dont have many problems with it - applets almost always 'just work') it's because the ejit on the other end tailored the applet to MS's non standard 'extentions'.

So, the only place I found the actual Microsoft Virtual Machine is in Kazaa, and it's version 5.00.3805.
Oh well, if youre going to fetch programs off Kazaa and run them, I guess security doesnt matter to you much anyway :p


it didnt work!

I tried the link to cnet downloads, and it didnt work, neither did the supposed 'alternative link' (they both linked to microsoft)! I dont know if it was just down for some reason or if they'd taken that off too.

thanks anyway zip trix... im dl it from kazaa as we type (oh yeah, and jason X.. looks cheesy but hey)


By the way... This site is Top!


It worked the day I posted it. As of today it no longer works, but I have the file saved so I don't have to use the crappy Sun Java. :D


k, i still cant get MS VM from Windows Update, it doesnt show up, and i tried that sun java, and i was happy, worked great, then all of a sudden it started giving me errors and whenever i used a java page it would just close it.
I installed XP on my new machine 2 weeks ago so it came without VM. I had to get Sun's java...what a drag it was, loaded slower that VM would. not to mention it sat at my system tray and refused to go away even after finishing with the java application.

Thank goodness Microsoft put back the VM on it's update website. I am using it now and what a breeze.

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