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Hi guys i am new to this forum, i have windows xp home on my laptop and xp pro on my pc..yet i have not seen any differences between the 2..any 1 can suggest the difference..?

Also when i click on updates when you click on start..it goes to the microsoft site..and then scans your sytem right..after a while it suggests that there are 4 critical updates avialable so when i click on install it starts to d/l and install, after a while when this is done it says to re-boot ur pc. When i look at the information history only 1 or 2 things get installed and the rest say unsuccesful. The other updates it says to update do the same i d/l and install them as it goes via the process and when i look at the history there are lodas of unsuccesful files there saying that they could not be installed why is this..this happens on the laptop and pc. Note my laptop came with preinstalled with xp home edition.

Also how can i take off the auto sign in on msn..? i use it but everytime i connect to the internet it starts to sign me in without putting the password in..i would like to put the password in everytime i would like to use it..and to stop it signing in automatically.

Could you also let me know or help me when you add user profiles say that me the administrator and some 1 else who uses the pc..(i knw how to add a profile) do i neet to install softwares for 2 users..?? like office xp..dreamweaver,flash,photoshop,and all the other programs we use.
I just basically need to know what will be different in each of ours profiles etc i am confussed :-@

cheers guys


This is how XP Home is described...

New visual design makes it easier to do common tasks efficiently.

Digital photo features let you acquire, organize, and share pictures.

All-in-one music tool for discovering, downloading, storing, and playback of the highest-quality digital music.

Everything you need to create, share, and enjoy videos on your computer.

Easy computer sharing and home networking.

The ultimate communication tool for instant messaging, voice or video conversations, and collaboration.

Tools for recovering from problems or getting help from an expert.
The most reliable, secure, and dependable operating system to keep your system up and running.

XP Professional lists these as the extras...

Greater security, including the ability to encrypt your files and folders, to protect your business data.

Premier mobile support for the ability to work offline or access your computer remotely.

Built-in support for high-performance multiprocessor systems.
Designed to work with Microsoft Windows Servers and management solutions.

Communicate efficiently with others around the world by working in any given language.

The differences are not seen by the eye, but just the way the OS works in the background.

The best part about different users (User Profiles) is they are completely different from each other... If you left the room and came back in with someone else logged in, you would swear it was a different computer... One profile will never harm the other... The only thing is when installing software, make sure you do it as the Administrator so you give rights to others users to access the software. When I installed Office XP, it installed perfectly, but 2 days later when another user went to use Word, it wanted to be activated. Placing the CD into the CD-ROM activated the program and away we went... You can change anything you want, including shortcuts, wallpaper, anything... The other user will not be effected...

As for the automatic sign-in, just check Microsoft Website... since I don't use that program, I can't give you advise, but you might be required to login everytime as a security measure... If you login and walk away and all I have to do is click on an icon to get your information... Well, you decide...


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