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Microsoft says Vista beta testers better hurry


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update For those who want to try out the current test version of Microsoft's Windows Vista, it may be now or never.

The company is nearing its self-imposed cutoff point and plans to stop allowing new downloads after Friday, according to Microsoft blogger Ian Moulster.

"In case you weren't aware, we are only providing a limited number of copies of Windows Vista Beta 2--either download or physical copies--and we're fast approaching the cutoff point, " Moulster wrote. "What this means is--if you want to get a copy, get it now (and I mean now)."

Rest of story at: C|Net
Download Vista Now at: Vista Download
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My Bad Klown, I remembered seing it somewhere on the forum but couldn't remember where. Couldn't think of checking the News Submissions forum :D

I was cleaning out the submitted news in the control panel, he was who submitted it there :eek:

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