Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000


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Dr Luis Toledo

He's the surgeon who did my carpal tunnel repair. Excellent work. Save his name if you use one of those sculptured, higher profile mice. You'll be needing it.

The curved keyboard helps but unless it also has a concave surface (top to bottom) it still causes too much strain on the wrist. It's hard to tell fromt the website but that keyboard looks too flat.


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The wireless isn't an option for me as I don't want that hassle with my KVM.

I'm not saying I'm going to purchase the USB device, but I might.


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Admiral Michael said:
You need a side view to be able to tell. I got a concave one at work with my last upgrade. After 30 minutes I went and dug my old one out of the trash barell at the IT dept.

I'm dying to go wireless on my mouse but the one I bought and returned (an HP) was so heavy from the 2 NiMH batteries that it was starting to cause carpal tunnel symptoms. Pushing it around the desk took too much force compared to my wired one. It didn't help that it had cheap plastic pads instead of nylon/teflon.



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I bought a cheap Keyboard/ Mouse combo (wireless). Its a labtec, the entire thing cost me 40 dollars and its still working today 2 years after i got it. The only unfortunate things is that every 2 months or so it requires new batters... 2 AAA for the keyboard and 2AA for the mouse... But its not heavy at all!


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Thanks. I'll go looking for a labtec locally. I weighed 2 NiMH and 2 Alakline and they are the same weight so it may just have been that HP.


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No Problem, i have also dropped the keyboard down the stairs several times when i was transporting computers from my office to my room, it still works just as well...

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