Microsoft Money Small Business 2004


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I continue to receive the error message listed below when trying to start MS Money Small Business 2004. I use Windows XP Pro.

Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library
Runtime Error!

Program: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Money\System\msmoney.exe

This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.
Please contact the application's support team for more information.

I have uninstalled and reinstall the program twice, visited MS for help and found no resolution. The last time I uninstalled I removed the MS Money folder and made the installer create a new one. Also I have uninstalled any software I installed (Mozilla Firefox) since I last used MS Money. Additionally, I installed the program on a computer running Win 2K and it runs perfectly. Any thoughts??


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MS Money Small Business 2004

Thanks for the reply. With both uninstalls I removed the System Pack and the Program with Add/Remove Programs from the Control Panel.


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bush dogg - followed the steps from the MS link you provided. Uninstalled the program and system pack. Reinstalled on different partition. No Joy!!! Same error message.

bush dogg

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When you get the error will money crash and close or can it still be used?

Microsoft don't play well with others sometimes. There may be a file left over from one of the other programs that was installed when this started happening.

Money 2004 small business seems to have a few bugs with some systems I use it and on XP home and it's fine but on XP pro I had a problem getting the updates and another error at times.(don't remember what it was now)

I went in msconfig startup and shut down everything to find where the conflict was by starting things one at a time also I uninstalled a couple programs but I never pin pointed the problem for sure either it was such a pain I didn't reinstall untill the problem came back to see but it's working fine now so I left well enough alone.

I never had a problem with money 2001,02,03 just 2004.

Can't believe I'm asking this but do you have a restore point before this happened?

you could also remove the registry sub keys then install again and see if that helps.

If I remember right money needs IE to work right but I can't find the article on that right now.
because of this there could have been a conflict with the mozilla install that affected some files.


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bush dog - Money does not start. Only the error message is received when trying to start the program. I will try system restore.


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After a system restore to a date I knew MS Money 2004 was working I can now use MS Money. The issue now is "What caused the error message"? I would like to prevent this from happening again. Thanks for the assistance.

bush dogg

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Good I'm glad you got it working I just hate the fact system restore had to be used.

Something you installed must have changed a system file (thats why reinstall of MS money did not work so many times)

If you want to know for sure what caused the problem make sure you have a know good backup not just system restore (I don't trust it) then install the programs one at a time giving a couple of days with each install to fine the one that caused it.

I don't know what programs you had install when this error started but by chance was one quicken? or maybe the Mozilla install.

I haven't had time to look yet but I will try to fine the MS article that states there will be errors in MS money if IE is not installed or working.

If you find what software caused the problem I would be interested I need to run invoices everyday and don't need any setbacks myself.

Good Luck

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Could be an older system file that was in use or anything like that.
Use the Financial edition myself and never had any problems with it.

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