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18 Jan 2002
Ok I'm goign to copy and paste this long story for you.

Problem Description: I keep having to reload the registry everytime i boot up. system32\config\system or software etc... try to use system recory console and same thing I think I have a bad WinXP, I have formated 6times and clean installed.
Problem Area: Other
Frequency of problem: Always Happens
Operating system / version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional-5.1.2600
Computer manufacturer and model: X86-based PC, System Manufacturer, System Name
Processor model and speed: x86 Family 6 Model 6 Stepping 2, 1343(MHz)
Memory (RAM): 511.46875 MB

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{Eric P} Welcome to Microsoft Product Support Services Chat Support. Our goal is to provide quick and comprehensive answers to your technical questions about Windows XP and provide solutions to any issues you may be experiencing. My name is Eric Can you provide a detailed description of your technical question or issue?

{Visitor} system32\config\system on every boot even after recory console

{Visitor} hello...|??

{Eric P} Err, sorry, my keyboard failed, yes,

{Eric P} I believe if you are seeing that over and over agan after several installs, you are looking at bad hardware

{Visitor} no bad hardware at all trust me i replaced every part twice

{Visitor} did you get system info ?? or do you want it?

{Eric P} No thats ok, just really quick, do you know what motherboard you have?

{Visitor} I was thinking its a bad MS XP cd and im tired of reactivating. The board is an Asus A7v266-E w/current Bios

{Eric P} Ok, do you know what hard drive you have?

{Visitor} Western Digital 20GB 7200RPM

{Visitor} i think tyhe model number is WD200BB or something like that

{Eric P} The reason i think it might be your hardware, is i had the same setup, and ran into the same problem. I upgraded my hard drive and Motherboard, and I never got it away, but constant registry failures are due to bad memory or hard drive. and its hard to tell, becuase it will only happen to the registry and nothing else.

{Visitor} The only thing left could be the memory. If you have the same setup is there anyway you can email me even from home and work with me on this please.

{Visitor} I have already replaced the board and hardrive twice.

{Eric P} well, i have an Abit KR7A raid board now, but I HAD a KT7-Raid

{Eric P} and I Had 768MB of Micron ram now i have 512 of samsung

{Visitor} oh Well is there anyway i can get setup to receive another XP cd becuase im tired of haveing to reactivate over the phone and i think its the cd

{Visitor} i have 256Micron DDR and 256 Samsung now

{Visitor} bad keyboard again?!

{Visitor} sorry i have to go please email me the follow up on this.

Problem Description: I would like to here something back soon about gettign an new MS WinXP CD. I'm tired of reactivation over and over because of this issue with the registry. I believe its a bad cd at this point after reformatting 6x, replacing hardware, and seeing the WinME,98SE run with no issues its only WinXP. It must be the CD.
Operating system / version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional-5.1.2600
Computer manufacturer and model: X86-based PC, System Manufacturer, System Name
Processor model and speed: x86 Family 6 Model 6 Stepping 2, 1343(MHz)
Memory (RAM): 511.46875 MB

Hello Alex, This is Eric from Microsoft Windows XP support. The problem you are describing, has to do wth your registry, which is not on the cd. It is built by the computer itself, from its hardware information, to the software you install. It almost sounds like your having a Ram issue, and I would look into trying to swap out your ram with another system and see if that helps. I would really try to make sure that all your hardware is setup for xp, as this exact error message you are giving me is a hardware related issue. Let me know if you have any luck with a ram swap.
Thanks for using Windows XP Support!


Problem Description: I just finished swaping out the Ram. I just did a plain slot switch to see if that will do it. Thank you so much for your input you have been very helpful. The most of anyone I have dealt with at Microsoft. I will let you know when i actually reboot the system. (kinda afraid too)

Problem Description: I was able to boot only once tehn same thing happened I have tried just one memory chip at a time and same thing again. I have learned to backup the registry and replace it all in order to get my programs back for a temp solution other than reinstalling all of them. I even purchased new memory with no luck there. I'm really at a lost here on what to do. I have replaced everything over and over again.
Operating system / version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional-5.1.2600
Computer manufacturer and model: X86-based PC, System Manufacturer, System Name
Processor model and speed: x86 Family 6 Model 6 Stepping 2, 1342(MHz)
Memory (RAM): 511.46875 MB

If you are this far wow and thanks for reading it all (if you really did)
Sux to be you - i had an abit KT7A Raid and had nothing but issues with it .... eneded up in the bin, bought an ASUS and all my problems were over...

Anyway what i would do is :

Upgrade to latest Bios + Latest VIA chipset drivers

Run a diagnostics Program on each piece of hardware - si soft Sandra is quite good

DOCmemory is free and very good to test memory issues .....

Di you get any BUS master drivers with your Motherboard ?


I have never seen or dealt with an issue like this, i hope i was a bit of help
Like the guy said, I’d put my money on hardware, usually it’s the ram. I had the same kind of problem, 2 pieces of ram, worked fine together in one board didn’t in another. If you have more that 1 ram stick installed just try it with one and see how it goes, then test the other piece(s)

Mike Tasker
I have the lastest bios and the latest via drivers and yes i did install the bus master drivers as well. The memory has been checked and I even tried new memory chips. Even one at a time still no go I am going to check on finding DOCmemory to check the sticks with. Thank you. I will let you know how it goes.
DOCmemory is only for win3.1,95,98. According to the site. Let me know if your sure it will run fine in WinXP.

Wow cant do much more than u did . I know you said formatted and reinstalled but did you fdisk the MBR?.. Could your mobo or case have bad power supply bad plugs coming from the PS. I would have said bad memory slot or bad bios chip but you replaced your MOBO .. Maybe a heat issue? bad sectors on the HDD . run diags on the HDD
I finally got it after trying everthing again it was the MOBO I replaced it again and perfect...unfortunaly it has 1004b bios on it and not the usual 1005 or the new 1006 bios but im afraid to up it for fear that it will happen Sorry it took so long but i was sown and so was the site when I got back on.

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