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Microsoft Baseline Analyzer/HFNetChk Problem


Gojyone kawaiiiiiiii!
When I'm trying to run these applications they say they are unable to find my computer. The error I get is:

1 machines were not scanned because of Error: 230 - Scan not performed. Error # - 2138. Reason: The Workstation service has not been started.

Does anybody know how the security analyzer works and which service this corresponds to?...I dont have a "Workstation" service in my list of services...


Have you got these two files installed? File & Printer Sharing for Micosoft Networks and Client for Micosoft Networks . Should put workstation back in your services. Here's a Pic...
MBSA reqires Server and Workstation services.

HFNetChk does not require the server service.

To use HFNetChk install Client for MS networks as above.

To use MBSA you need file and printer sharing installed.

Ive put this to the devloper as something that should be revised in MBSA. Its not much of a help to alot of admins who dont want workstations to run the server service, hell not all servers should run the server services! Its only FnP sharing after all.

When you install the client and FnP sharing UNBIND them to maintain security.


Gojyone kawaiiiiiiii!
!!!! you guys rock. Installing those 2 network client/services did the trick.

@un4given. Yeah...I was using MSBA 1.1 but I was unable to scan my computer and there was no info as to why...went to a help site and found HFNetChk which produced the above error...which is probably the same problem MSBA was having..

@Enyo where and how exactly do I unbind these services?


Gojyone kawaiiiiiiii!
heh. basic stuff. I shouldnt have forgotten that... thanks enyo


I get different results from msba and HfNetchk....

Hfnetchk actually listed Office vulnerabilities whereas MSBA just listed OS vulnerabilities...

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